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Youngblood Hawke

Say hello to Sam, Simon, Tasso, Alice, Nik & Omar. These talented 6 make up Youngblood Hawke, who has emerged into one of the top bands of 2014, especially with their very popular song “We Come Running.” Youngblood Hawke has established themselves as true rock stars, and have devoted their careers to producing and creating wonderful, catchy music that will forever be listened to and jammed out by many. From 2 members to now 6, YBH has come to solid ground where they are currently and consistently  rockin’ and rollin’ and not looking back. With the spotlight on them, we felt it was necessary to bug them a little bit and see if we could get some questions answered. We’re honored they took the time to answer these questions…Enjoy!

1. The band’s debut single, “We Come Running” has really made its mark with music lovers all over. In your opinion, what do you guys think makes this song stand out so much?

The message? Its very hopeful, very get out and go. Not in an unrealistic fashion, but I think it makes people feel good. I don’t know honestly. It’s a fun song for us to play live – its energetic!

2. With already been featured in Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, LA Weekly and many others, as well as performing on well known national television shows/stages, how has the band been able to evolve into this skilled alternative group in a matter of 3 years? How have you all grown personally as well as professionally?

We’ve all played music for the last 10 years, in various bands. Simon and Tasso grew up learning the guitar together. This experience taught us so much about performing, we’ve all grown as musicians and have grown closer as friends. We feel insanely lucky to play music together.

3. Before the YBH, Sam Martin and Simon Katz had Iglu & Hartly (which seemed to have done pretty well) what inspired you two to move on from that project and help bring YBH to life?

Just a change. Creatively everyone was on opposite pages and its just became a unenjoyable experience. We didn’t feel like creating music should feel like that. We were dying for the freedom to make music on our own terms I guess. We couldn’t express ourselves in the last band and that went against everything we were feeling.

4. Now that the band has created and established itself, what are some of the fun things you guys like to do together?

Touring is a magical, drunk, exhausting, eye-opening adventure ride! We’ve been lucky to see interesting parts of the world and meet inspiring people. We soak up every second! I almost got lost in the woods in Alaska last weekend after a show, so, that was a first.

5. You guys are currently touring around the country, what are some of the cool experiences that have taken place while on tour? What has been your favorite venue so far?

We take full advantage of the cities we visit. We’ll do everything from indoor snowboarding, surfing, explore museums, pubs, every corner is always a new experience! We got the chance to play at Radio City Music Hall in New York. That place is magical. It was like playing inside Christmas!


Youngblood Hawke Breakdown

Who is the loudest? ALICE

Who is the quietest?  OMAR

Who is the cleanest? ALICE

Who is the messiest? ALICE

Who is the most extreme? TASSO

Who is the shyest? NO ONE!

Who has the best style? ALICE

Who acts as the grown up of the group? NIK

6. Who is the best dancer? SIMON

Okay, now that you have met them and heard them, go check them out as they tour around the country!  The complete tour dates and information can be found here.

Don’t forget to listen to  YBH’s newest song called “Pressure” (lyric video above). You can download/purchase the new song, as well as all of the band’s material here!

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