Yoga With Natural Fitness Inc.

Sick of using a borrowed yoga mat? Want to be able to practice at home? Look no further! Today, we are bringing you Natural Fitness. Natural Fitness products aren’t only high quality, but when you use them, you feel good knowing your purchase (or #BingeFitness win ;)) was also used for a good cause. Read below to find more information on Natural Fitness, the products we are giving away, and their Zero Impact Program!

“Natural Fitness is an eco friendly yoga and fitness company with unparalleled tools and equipment with minimal impact on the environment. Natural Fitness is committed to keeping their products simple, functional and environmentally friendly. For every product sold, Natural Fitness plants a tree, and has done so since day one.”

& GUESS WHAT? We have 3 huge giveaways! Each giveaway contains all 3 of these Natural Fitness products:

Warrior Mat: “To flow through a Warrior sequence it helps to be versatile: use your strength for Warrior I, your stamina for Warrior II, and your balance for Warrior III. Such variable poses deserve a multipurpose mat, which is why we’ve created the Warrior Mat. Highly durable, it is built to withstand the daily sessions of the most intense and lengthy yoga practices. Manufactured without the harmful phthalates or toxic chemicals found in those PVC foam mats, it allows you to center yourself physically without disrupting your moral compass. Just like the poses that share its name, the Warrior Mat is designed to last and be suitable for all levels to help you continue your battle to be your best.”

Hemp Sling Strap: Adjustable. Mat Carrier. Yoga Strap…need I say more? Ok, ok. Here are the product details 😉 “At its essence, the practice of yoga is about simplifying our lives, our breathing, and our thinking. Easier said than done, right? But when it comes to carrying your yoga mat, what could be simpler than this modern take on the classic yoga mat sling. Innovatively designed, the SlingStrap plays both the role of sling, perfect for transporting your mat and gear, and yoga strap, a helpful tool to be used so that you can get the most out of your practice. Less is more with this multi-functional strap, meaning you have less to carry to class. Plus, by using this strap you won’t show up to class with a damp map because by exposing your mat to fresh air it allows it to breathe even while rolled up. Made from durable eco-friendly hemp, a stronger, longer-wearing pesticide-free alternative to cotton, and featuring a carabineer to securely hold your personal items, the SlingStrap is simply the best option for you and the environment. 6 ft. long.”


Cork Yoga Block: “Can you name a practice that is thousands of years old, speaks to rejuvenation, and results in both strength and suppleness? Yes, yoga fits the bill, but cork production might be an even better response. Harvested without harming trees, this sustainable wood is the ideal replacement to environmentally harmful foam on other blocks and the key (ONLY?) ingredient in our Cork Yoga Block. If you are asking how you can find a block that is durable enough to withstand your bodyweight during bridge pose but with just enough give to grip comfortably in an intense wide leg stretch, then the Natural Fitness Cork Yoga Block is the answer.”


We believe in Natural Fitness, not only because they keep our environment in mind, but because they give back and supply us with quality products. Natural Fitness believes in the individual as well as the team aspect of yoga & fitness and they work to bring you the products you need, want and deserve.

Beyond being a brand that supplies products, Natural Fitness believes in going the step further- that is why they developed the Zero Impact Program.

“We do more than just the minimum…we always want to push a little further than everyone else. Giving back is important to us as we want to make a difference above and beyond the products we make. That’s why we established our Zero Impact Program (Z.I.P); through our program we plant a tree for every product we sell. We realize that everything has a carbon footprint and an environmental cost; planting trees is how we offset the costs associated with our products.”

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