YG Studios: Rethinking Fitness

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YG Studios, a new “no frills” concept in fitness. YG Studios is built on the conviction that an extraordinary workout speaks for itself, and the foundation of that workout is an extraordinary instructor. Many elaborate gyms consist of excessive amenities and other bells and whistle’s does not make a good workout. These type of facilities often fall short when it comes to delivering an outstanding holistic fitness regimen.

YG Studios connects health and fitness enthusiasts with the instructors who can best serve them and allows clients to follow their preferred health and wellness gurus, rather than going to a boutique studio, by offering unparalleled access at various gym spaces throughout the city.

This style of training works best for the following type of clientele:
The Loyalist: Those who attend class time and time again for the instructor and not for the studio frills.
The Curator: Students that are seeking variation and an assortment of options for a well-rounded fitness routine.
The Explorer: Those still looking for the most suitable workout to meet their needs and goals.
The Traveler: Workout buffs in need of consistent, best-in-class workouts wherever they may go.

Binge Magazine sat down with Nt Etuk, Co-Founder and CEO of YG Studios to learn more about this unique approach to fitness and how major cities are responding to this unique platform.

What makes YG Studios unique?

YG Studios offers fitness enthusiasts greater access to the best and most innovative instructors, at a lower cost than they would have to pay to get to them at traditional gyms and studios, and in a greater number of locations than they can currently be found. The best instructors. Greater access. Simpler pricing. More convenient locations. What’s not to love?

How did you go about selecting the instructors involved?

We did our research, asked around and connected with nationally and regionally recognized instructors we heard or read about who are wildly popular. Then we took every class and met with every person to make sure that we loved the way they approached their clients, their fans, and their business. We wanted passion. We wanted reliability. We wanted enthusiasm. We wanted collaboration. But most of all we wanted a love and a need to do better for their clients. After all, we’re choosing partners in the process, and that’s ultimately what we’re about. And we succeeded. Some notable names we have on board include Brett Hoebel, Lacey Stone, Shaun Jenkins, Amanda Murdock, Ray Wallace, Shay Kostabi, Coss Marte and more.

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