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Worst NBA Players To Coach

To celebrate the NBA All Star game today we decided to compile some of the best and worse players that ever played to make the most uncoachable team in history. Now, if you are or ever have coached, taught, led a group of athletes, students or just something like a team, you would understand that there are always those who can’t seem to get along with others, be mature, respectable and/or just don’t want to listen or follow the rules. The sports world has them all over the place, but today we will focus on the National Basketball League.

Here is the list we generated at Binge Magazine.

(Point Guard): Allen Iverson
We talkin about “practice.” Not a game, but practice. A.I. as we all loved to call him, glazed our eyes with his spectacular moves and small stature but one thing was for sure, and that was his mouth and attitude. Awesome on the court but way too loud off of it.

(Shooting Guard): Latrell Sprewell
This guy choked his own coach…ummm yea… I think we are done here.

(Power Forward): Dennis Rodman
Dennis somehow someway is still in the media and sports news. He is friends with one of the craziest men on earth in North Korea and I am pretty sure they laugh at him out there too. Who remembers when Rodman and Karl Malone both faught on WCW (90’s Wrestling Show)? That was great entertainment! I believe Rodman was apart of the NWO with Hulk Hogan… O’ those were the good ole days.

Well as far as basketball goes, Dennis was known for his colorful hair and aggressive playing style on the court that led him to be successful and allow him to pick up a few rings with MJ and the Bulls in Chicago.

(Small Forward): Ron Artest (Metta World Peace)
Remember when Ron went into the bleachers to fight the Detroit fans? That was probably one of the most outrageous nights in NBA history and will never be forgotten. As time went on, Artest got better and bigger and so did his ego. He changed his name to Metta World Peace and went on to win a ring with Kobe and the Lakers.

(Center): Dwight Howard
Well if you give this guy a microphone and some press he will attempt to throw you under the bus or even get you fired. We know former Magic’s Coach Stan Van Gundy knows this.

After Howard got his way he was traded to the Lakers, which did not end up too good. They went on to struggle terribly and Howard did not perform up to par. Lets say the city of LA was not too pleased with Dwight. Did I mention Former Laker’s Head Coach Mike Brown got fired too while Howard was there. Coincidence? I don’t know… I wouldn’t want to coach him. Anyways Howard left LA to go to Houston where it looks like he has found a solid home but we won’t get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Coming off the Bench:
John Starks
Besides Reggie Miller, John Starks will go down as one of the NBA’s best trash talking annoying little rascals that could talk the talk and walk the walk at the same time. The New York Knicks organization grows these guys like apples out there don’t they. Cough Cough “J.R. Smith:

Lebron James
Yes, Lebron is coming off the bench and not starting here! Nobody likes a cry baby or a flopper but hey if that guy can drop 30+ a game and break ankles at the same time I’d still take him. At least he isn’t selfish with the ball so that’s a huge plus for a coach.

Delonte West
Okay now… this guy had intercourse with Lebron’s mother, who at the time was his teammate in Cleveland! Not a good move my friend.

Jason Williams
We won’t show you a photo of him on the court or in uniform but instead one of him in a court room where he spent most of his time. This guy spent more time with legal stuff then he did on the hardwood floor which would make him uncoachable since he would never be present during games or practice.

Chris Andersen
Is there any more room for one more tattoo? Chris Andersen went through one of the most craziest individual transformations ever in the history of mankind. Hard to recognize your own players when they don’t look the same a season later.

So what did you think of the list? We will be back weekly with new topics to discuss cuz we’d da bomb. Until then keep it real and #BINGEOn.

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