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It’s with great honor that we introduce you to the local chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding.

Wish Upon a Wedding is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance. WUW is a national organization that grants wishes all over the country with the assistance of local city chapters. To learn more, read below.

We got the chance to chat with some of the lovely volunteers behind WUW Chicago. Not only is Chicago’s all women chapter made up of 100% volunteers, but 7 out of the 8 chapter members happen to be Wedding Planners who put their daily work aside to come together for such a phenomenal organization making dreams come true. See below for the Q&A as well as information on their upcoming gala and more!

What was the initial inspiration behind Wish Upon a Wedding?

In 2009, founder Liz Guthrie was producing a large scale wedding giveaway in San Francisco. One application, a Bride ​Vanessa, was battling Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while her fiancé, an officer in the US Air Force, was deployed overseas.It was ​their Love Story that ultimately inspired the creation of Wish Upon a Wedding.

How often do you get together for events/meetings?

​Each local board meets on a monthly basis, with supplementary meetings sprinkled throughout. The local chapters each have an annual Gala to culminate the year and fundraise for upcoming efforts, and we are really focusing on adding smaller awareness events to our calendar for 2017.

Tell us more about the Wish Upon a Wedding Chicago.

​Wish Upon A Wedding is a National organization with chapters in 7 cities across the United States. Each chapter can grant wishes outside of its home state in an attempt to provide the opportunity for couples in all 50 states.​​

The goal of the 2016​ ​Chicago board is to bring awareness to the wedding and event professionals in the community more than ever before about what Wish Upon ​A ​Wedding does, how people can get involved, and how we can reach eligible couples who are so deserving of a beautiful day full of love and hope as a change to their usual days of battling illness, hardship and any host of life-altering circumstances.

Additionally, we hope to have more presence in the medical community and Chicago in general. In fact, the over arching goal permeating throughout this was that by learning how to engage, inspire and motivate within our professional community, we could also make a city and state-wide effort to individuals and businesses everywhere and try to reach as many people as we could and educate them on this really special organization. The hope is that with a concerted effort in education, we can increase awareness and reach even more potential wish candidates.

What can our readers look forward to at the upcoming fundraiser event?

​The Chicago Chapter is beyond thrilled for this year’s Gala, taking place Monday, November 7th at Morgan Manufacturing. Structured similarly to past years with a cocktail hour, seated dinner, and auction, this year’s event is full of imaginative surprises and is sure to be a true experience for guests. A culmination of ideas from a board composed entirely of industry professionals, we look forward to welcoming guests to our”Gilded Garden,” as we celebrate the organization’s 100th wish, taking place here in Chicago this October, and look forward to the coming year.


What drew you, as board members, to want to be such a big part of this amazing organization?

​”​What drew me to the board is a desire to make a difference and contribute to the world around me, and this resonates for me given that it is about granting wedding “wishes” to couples in need. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, contribute to a great cause and be inspired by the couples we help who are fighting every day to make each moment count and be here as long as they can…”​ – Michelle Durpetti, President, Wish Upon A Wedding Chicago Chapter

To see how Wish Upon a Wedding impacts lives across the United States, watch a video here

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