Why You Should Choose a Balanced Career Instead of The Highest Salary

Life is short, and choosing the right career is essential in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. We spend at least 40 hours a week at work, which is the majority of our time. So, finding a job you love will help you feel more fulfilled, balanced, and relaxed.

Because of this, it’s not always best to choose the highest paying job you can find. Instead, you might be better suited for a balanced career which includes a healthy social life, career advancement, and flexibility. Let’s look at some benefits of choosing a healthy work-life balance.

You Will be Less Stressed
Choosing that high-powered job may put dollar signs in your eyes, but most high paying jobs come at a price. Every person and situation are different, but these jobs often come with higher stress levels because you are expected to perform at such a high caliber. While some employees thrive in this competitive landscape, many others sacrifice their life and health for a paycheck. It’s no wonder why jobs like these are filled with high-functioning alcoholics or drug users, because they turn to substance abuse to relieve some of the stress of their job.

If you’re someone who cracks under pressure, choosing a balanced career instead of a high paying, stressful role might be best.

Your Relationships May Be Stronger
One of the best parts of having a high paying job is having money to spend on vacations, treating your family to luxuries, and going out with friends. But if you have no time to do any of this because you’re working too much, you can’t really enjoy the money you’re bringing in. This is why people who choose a healthy work-life balance may have even stronger relationships with their friends and family. These employees prioritize both work and spending time with loved ones.

You May be Happier
We often think that people who are making a lot of money are happier, but this isn’t always the case. Sure, people with the highest salaries can buy more vacations, nicer cars, and fancier dinners, but the New York Times shares an interesting revelation on this topic. According to this article, there isn’t much difference in happiness, enjoyment, sadness, or stress for those making more than a $75,000 household income a year. According to the psychologist interviewed, “many people want to make a lot of money, but the benefits of having a high income are ambiguous…wealthier people seem to be less able to savor the small things in life.”

You Can Do Something That You Love
When college students are forced to choose a major, they are basing the rest of their career on many factors, such as what they enjoy doing, how much money they want to make, and what industry they want to build their career in. Most students who want to make a lot of money choose majors in business, engineering, and economics. Students who are passionate about what they do but aren’t as concerned with their paycheck choose liberal art majors. But, do the students that choose those potentially high-earning majors actually enjoy what they do?

It depends on the situation and the person’s passions, but often times students and people in the workforce choose a career based on the paycheck instead of their interests and they end up being unhappy in their career. As mentioned earlier, doing something you love will make your many years of work much more enjoyable, and enjoyment might mean more than account balances for some. Passion will trump paychecks in the long run.

Choosing a high paying job over job satisfaction is a very personal preference and depends on your needs, desires, and personality. Some of us are hard-wired to make as much money as possible, and some of us prefer choosing a balanced career to enjoy lower stress levels and more time with loved ones. If you are someone who values this quality time and doesn’t need the most expensive things in life, choosing a balanced career instead of the highest salary is likely better for you.

Author’s Bio: Trevor McDonald is a freelance content writer who has a passion for writing. He’s written a variety of education, travel, health, and lifestyle articles for many different companies. In his free time, you can find him running with his dog, playing his guitar or outside enjoying about any type of fitness activity imaginable.

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