Why Employers Should Place a Focus on Employee Health in 2019

With each employee losing an average of 5.2 days per year to sickness and poor health, it’s becoming increasingly more important for a business to prioritize the health and well-being of their staff. Since increased sick days have a clear impact on companies, surveys have found that more firms are becoming motivated to play a greater role when it comes to supporting employees with their health. And, over half of business leaders understand that it’s crucial to focus on prevention, rather than a cure. But the worrying part is that over seventy percent of firms report difficulties with taking practical action due to uncertainty when it comes to what works. So, what can you do to focus on employee health in 2019?

#1. The Importance of Mental Health:

When it comes to employee health, many employers place a lot of emphasis on physical health but forget that mental health can have just as much of, if not more of an impact on, workplace performance. Encouraging employees to talk about how they are feeling, rather than bottle it up when at work can create a culture of openness and support, leading to improved employee morale and better productivity.

#2. Provide Healthy Snacks:

Eating well will give your employees the energy that they need to perform at their best, and the best way for you to help with achieving this is to provide a selection of healthy office snacks in the workplace. Today, an office kitchen with just a water cooler and coffee maker is becoming a thing of the past, as using an office snack service is attracting more top talent. And, getting snacks in for your team is a great way to show them your appreciation. This article looks into several office snack services and lists the pros and cons of each for your office. Alongside healthy snack services, encouraging your employees to stay hydrated will also boost their health and wellbeing. Check out Bevi’s range of innovative water machines for your office, too.

#3. Provide Activity-Based Perks:

As an employer, there are several things that you can do to help encourage your team to stay more active and get a healthy amount of exercise. For example, a cycle to work scheme can be a great way to get more workers active and do their bit for the environment at the same time. Another great idea is to team up with a local gym to offer subsidised memberships for your employees, or if you have space, an on-site gym can be a convenient way to get your employees moving more. Office yoga can also be tons of fun and a great way to take a revitalizing break from their desk.

#4. Offer Work Flexibility:

Offering a greater level of work flexibility, such as flexible hours and work from home options, can make it easier for employees who are experiencing poor health to return to work, along with taking some of the pressure off those suffering from mental health issues. Speak to employees to determine if a flexible working plan will benefit them.

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