White Label Analog: In Case You Just Tuned In

How do you label a band who has the ability to create contagious and motivating melodies, pull in popular genre trends, keep classic traditions alive and still make you dance? Here is your answer–you can’t. The Austin, Texas-based indie rock band White Label Analog brings a trademark sound that only members from the band can describe and that is why we decided to sit down and ask them some questions about their latest album: In Case You Just Tuned In.


Describe your thoughts and feelings around releasing your new album In Case You Just Tuned In.

Heath Macintosh, Drums: It’s very exciting, we released an EP in May of last year and this is our first full-length album. We have been getting some great response from it overall and are working hard to keep the momentum going as we move forward to gain exposure and new fans.

Chris Didear, Vocals: It was an intense process we sunk our hearts into. We were absolutely devoted to taking a bigger step forward, both musically, and as a band. It translated into a fun record that I hope will strike a chord with listeners. It’s also really fun to jam these songs in front of an audience.

Which song on the album is that one song that resonates with the entire group? 

Heath: That’s a tough one, as we all have our own likes and songs that resonate individually. As a group we were all able to agree with our Radio PR company that “Echoes” was a good lead off track for the album, but at the same time each of us individually could have heard “Don’t Wait Up,” “Rainmaker,” “Lead Me Along,” and “Al Capone” as a favorite to push. And our publicist heard some of those along with “Hard Road” a Black Sabbath cover that is far removed from the original as a possibility. Lots of varied opinions on that question, which if nothing else, tells us that we have a very listenable album from front to back and some songs will resonate better with some listeners than others.

Chris: I think that there is a pretty wide variation as to which is “the” song that resonates most individually. It was very hard selecting a single track to pitch to radio. We solicited opinions from our PR team Big Picture Media and Radio Promoters at U.N.C.L.E. In the end, we went with the majority of what were getting in terms of feedback, as well as acknowledging our gut check. There were other directions we could have taken as a first shot out, and there were moments where we really considered them. However, in the end we still leaned toward “Echoes”.


We know you just completed your west coast tour, but help some non-west coasters imagine what it would feel like attending a LIVE White Label Analog show. 

Heath: Well, whether it’s on the west coast or in a pub in Kathmandu, an attendee can expect the same enthusiasm and energy of playing to a packed house or an empty room. We pride ourselves on being professional and delivering the songs live like they should be regardless of where and how many people are there. We always want to come off as a polished and professional band that delivers on what they set out to bring to the stage.

Chris: They would hear a danceable rock band that is engaging and will leave it all on the table. We’ll distract you with ninja-like execution right before infecting you with a snake biting melody.

Speaking of non-west coasters, any plans on touring the across the country?

Heath: We are currently just staying regional and a few Midwest dates thru the 4th quarter of this year and then plan to do an east coast to Midwest run that will hopefully find us coming thru Chicago on our way back home.

Chris: Yes Please. We’re considering the next tasty wave to grab ahold of. The Midwest and East Coast would be rad.

Are their any future plans in collaborating with any other artist or inspiring musicians who you all just love?

Heath: We haven’t actually pursued that, although we have had some local friends in other bands that have thrown their hat in the ring to participate on some future recordings and be involved in what we are doing. But, hey if you hear of someone that’s interested, shoot us a line, nothing is out of the question for consideration.

Chris: No future plans unless you count Dave Grohl, Mathew Bellamy, and Corey Feldman… Go for it!

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