Whiskey Girl Toasts the Craft of Confidence

When someone says “whiskey,” most of us tend to think “men in suits drinking bourbon neat.” And let’s be real, how many whiskey brands are named after men? Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, George Dickel, Basil Hayden, Elijah Craig, and Johnnie Walker – just to name a few. For quite some time whiskey has been considered a man’s drink because it is certainly not for the faint of heart; its distinctive oaky taste and intense heat will put hair on your chest, if you know what I mean.

On the other end of the stereotype spectrum is Vodka-sipping women. Vodka’s neutral and easily concealed flavor works well for those who have a strong aversion to the natural taste of distilled spirits – and most people assume women fall within that category. But with the rise of craft cocktail culture, girls are clearly beginning to branch out, explore new spirits, and defy the status quo.

These days, plenty of women like whiskey and they’re damn proud to say it. But what about the women who are still intimidated by whiskey and haven’t quite acquired the taste for charred oak barrels? These ladies still have the opportunity to fall in love with whiskey, and there’s a new craft spirit here to prove it.

Whiskey Girl is a small-batch flavored whiskey brand, and it is pioneering the movement to bring more women into the wonderful world of craft whiskey. It blatantly challenges the masculinity of the whiskey category: it wants everyone to know that girls can drink craft whiskey too, and they don’t have to deny their femininity or partiality to sweet things in order to do it. Whiskey Girl encourages women to venture out of their comfort zone and discover confidence where they might not expect to find it.

Bottle and Glencairn

Here are some of the top reasons why we love Whiskey Girl:
Whiskey Girl is a small-batch product made by Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville, South Carolina. Founded in 2011, Dark Corner is a local craft distillery that uses traditional Appalachian distilling techniques to produce various whiskey products. Whiskey Girl was born by mixing Dark Corner’s authentic American whiskey with all-natural flavors. The result? A whiskey that even non-whiskey drinkers will love.

Quality and Taste
Whiskey Girl comes in three delicious flavors: Peach, Apple & Maple, and Butterscotch. (Hint: the color of the lips on the label coordinates with the flavor of the whiskey.) Each flavor is made by blending the base whiskey with all-natural extracts – no artificial or potentially toxic substances to be had. Whiskey Girl prides itself on being extraordinarily smooth and downright sip-worthy. There’s no harsh heat or medicinal after taste at play, just pure flavor and drinkability.

Craft Cocktail Creation
Whiskey Girl does a fantastic job of simplifying the task of home bartending. With this product, all that’s required is a splash of this and a dash of that in order to create a delicious craft cocktail. No need to muddle or infuse, Whiskey Girl already has the perfect base flavor to build on. Cocktail recipes are posted on the Whiskey Girl Facebook page weekly, so fans will never run out of drink ideas.


Putting the Balls Back in Girls’ Night
Whiskey Girl is a brand for the contemporary female, who strives to live and act with purpose. Its slogan, “Putting the Balls Back in Girls’ Night,” speaks to the brand’s appreciation for pushing boundaries and inspires women to take pride in what they drink. Whiskey Girl says to its drinkers, “Do better than a vodka cranberry. Get creative. Be flavorful. Refuse to drink a cocktail that doesn’t deserve you.”


Whiskey Girl Just Kind of Gets You
Whiskey Girl thinks you should do you, and do you well. It encourages you to dance like the weirdo you are, scream-sing in the car with your best friends, belly-laugh around a campfire on a summer night, and live for quality moments with quality people accompanied by a quality cocktail. So here’s to well-crafted confidence and the celebration of great spirits. Cheers!

Want to grab a bottle? Whiskey Girl is available in select liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington DC, and New York. If you don’t live in any of those places, you can buy Whiskey Girl online and have it shipped directly to your door.

For more information, including recipes, contests, and where to buy, visit www.mywhiskeygirls.com

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