What’s In Your Glass?

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‘Tis the season for Holiday parties! Now that we’re gearing up for cold weather months, the Sangria and Summer Shandy’s won’t work for the Holiday get togethers we’re all planning. So what is it that you’ll be serving your guests? We’ve got the answers for you! From whiskey to champagne and back to beer, we know these will satisfy even the pickiest drinkers. From fire side chats, to dinner party toasting, these five brands will have your every need covered. The best part? On top of parties, these drinks are all great options to keep stocked at home for a snow day, or those last minute visitors!

Our Top Wine Picks for This Thanksgiving:

Mezzacorona’s Cliffhanger Vineyards from the Dolomites
Cliffhanger Vineyards Pinot Grigio
(100% Pinot Grigio Trentino DOC; 13% ABV; $12.99)
A reserve-level quality Pinot Grigio with an established pedigree; hand-selected lots of “best of Vintage”
Color: Slightly yellow with a hint of green hue
Bouquet: Rich and complex with floreal and fruity notes
Flavor: Aroma of ripe pear and chamomile, dry flowers, fresh melon and white peach; partial malolactic and touch of oak add depth, texture and length
Pairings: Excellent to drink alone, but also an ideal accompaniment with appetizers, pasta with white ragu, both fried and grilled fish thanks to its generous fruit and body
CliffhangerPinotGrigio copy

Cliffhanger Vineyards Proprietary Red Blend
(70% Teroldego, 30% Lagrein; 13% ABV; $13.99)
A reserve-level proprietary blend of sophisticated Northern (primarily regional indigenous types)
Color: Intense and deep ruby-garnet very deep and impenetrable
Bouquet: Intense and complex with a perfect balance of red fruits and spicy notes
Flavor: Displays ripe red and black fruits of cherries and blueberry with an uncommon juiciness and balance; notes of toasty oak, vanilla and spiciness add complexity
Pairings: This wine is as close as any vintner can come to expressing an ideal profile of the grapes used in the blend; the generosity of fruit and body ensure it pairs well with seasoned cheese, red meat and game
Cliffhanger_red blend copy

Stemmari Winery: Cantodoro
(Selected Nero d’Avola (80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) are vinified and matured separately in French oak, 8 months and 12 months, respectively.)
Once blended, the wine is matured an additional 4 months in barriques and then bottle refined for 8 months.The refined, structured wine has great depth and the restrained use of oak adds a layer of complexity.
Color:The wine embodies a concentrated red with purple reflections.
Bouquet: The bouquet gives intense aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cranberry, with hints of liquorice, plum and vanilla.
Pairings Pastas with meat sauce, grilled meats, game and aged cheeses; also pairs wells with grilled fish and tuna or swordfish steaks.
Cantodoro 2

Stemmari Winery: Dalila
From the union between the Sicilian varietal Grillo (80%) and the international Viognier (20%), native to the Rhone valley, comes a harmonious blend that expresses the sunlight and richness of Sicily. This aromatic wine showcases the great oenological potential of Sicily that expresses elegantly fragrant aromas in its white wines. In this wine, Grillo brings intense, exotic tropical notes of mango intermingled with delicate notes of white flowers and stone fruits. Viognier flourishes in Sicily, expressing delicate notes of peach, apricot and citrus with a light hint of wildflowers and fresh honey. Behind these two components, there is a refined oak element with elegant notes of vanilla that respect the nuance of these varietals.
Pairings: Seafood appetizers, pasta dishes with fish or white meat, grilled fish and medium aged cheese.
Stemmari Dalila

Westland Distillery
Pull up a chair, grab a blanket and get cozy by a fire. This American Single Malt Whiskey will warm your heart and win over your taste buds. Yes, I did say American Single Malt… The Scotch-style Single Malt whiskey is made with all-American ingredients, including barley grown in the Pacific Northwest, and matured in new American Oak casks in Seattle, WA. This whiskey will help you create lasting memories and just as it’s a tradition in the drinking world, it will become a personal tradition with your friends and family.

The carefully crafted whiskey comes beautifully and artfully packaged, leaving it easy enough to wrap a bow around it and give it as a Holiday gift. Treat yourself to a bottle as well, you never know when you’ll need a sip of happiness!

Binge recommends pairing a glass of this American Single Malt Whiskey with pumpkin pie. The nutmeg, clove and cinnamon flavors of a pumpkin pie match up delightfully with the flavors in this whiskey. Beautiful pairing for a dinner party, or a perfect nightcap after a long, cold day!

“The highest goal of any whiskey is to evoke some kind of emotional memory in the drinker. We have a saying around the distillery “Good is not a tasting note”. Whiskies that are just “good” somehow miss the mark. We’re trying to evoke memories with our whiskey. That memory should be different and personal for everyone. It’s said that smell is the sense most closely associated with memory. We’ll buy that.”-says Westland Distillery Founder and President, Emerson Lamb


Hirter Bier
Hirter helps you get the party started with their Hirter Bier App. This app acts as an easy party planner so that you don’t run our of beer, and lets you play a hysterical spin the bottle game! Hirter beer is crisp and refreshing- produced in Austria, the pure spring water of 24 Hanslbauer helps make this beer one of a kind. With so many different beer varieties to choose from, Hirter is an easy choice thanks to it’s core ingredients which date back to 1516. Those include; water, barely and hops. You can trust us when we say that Hirter is the beer you will want at your parties this year. Impress your guests with the great packaging and even better taste!

Binge recommends taking time this Holiday season to invite some of your closest friends over for some laughs and drinks. Download the Hirter app and laugh your BOO-ts off with the Spin the Bottle game!

“Established in 1270, Brauerei Hirt is one of Austria’s oldest privately held breweries. It originally opened as a tavern that refreshed knights and merchants who passed along the ancient Vienna Route. Today, the Hirter Braukeller stills serves thirsty travelers with legendary beers but this brewery’s mission now spans the globe as they export their beers worldwide.”


Tenute Tomasella
If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that there is always time for toasting each other during the Holiday season, so this year we want to introduce you to Tenute Tomasella’s Osè. This is the bubbly you will want at every gathering, as well as stocked in your own fridge! Matching the beautiful and unique taste that Osè offers comes the perfect color drink for a Holiday toast. Osè is coral pink with violet reflections, which looks beautiful when poured into a champagne flute!

Binge recommends opening a bottle of Osè at the Thanksgiving table and enjoying a memorable toast with your loved ones!

“The name “Osè” was chosen as a play on words from its beautiful rosé color and the Italian word “osare” which means “to dare”.The sensations that occur on the palate are surprising: fruity, smooth and creamy, with hints of wild strawberries, wild rose and peach; elegant and fresh with a lasting persistent finish. Its particular organoleptic qualities make this a great sparkling wine to toast and a versatile companion for dried, sweet, creamy, and even salty foods.”


Branded Spirits
As we all know, not everyone enjoys the cold weather, which means we’ll do anything to get back to the tropical feel of Summer. Thanks to Branded Spirits Motu Rum, the Winter just got a little warmer. Not only is this rum, with it’s signature sweet nose and taste, perfect for raising a glass with, but in the giving spirit of the Holidays it lets you know that you are doing a good deed. A portion of profits from the sale of Motu Rum is donated to Polynesian charities to help preserve the pristine coral reefs of the South Pacific.

Binge recommends switching up the wine & cheese for a night and introducing a Motu Rum and cheese pairing…Brie is a great pair for this rum!

“Motu—Tongan for ‘Island’—draws its inspiration from old Polynesia and pays homage to the great tropical islands of the world. Motu is rested in French Oak and created using Polynesian sugar cane molasses, which provides this rum with its signature sweet nose and taste. Molasses comes from Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands; blended, rested and bottled on TreasureIsland—San Francisco, CA.”

Motu (2)

Bonfire Wine
Having Bonfire’s Ignite and Ember in stock this season is a no-brainer. You can literally please anyone with these wines. The white wine, Ignite, is smooth and crisp enough to satisfy the occasional wine drinker, but balanced enough to please even the most advanced wine drinker. Ember, the red wine, is perfectly thought out. The flavors flow in a way that will have everyone asking for a second glass. Wine is an essential for Holiday get togethers, so why not be stocked up on wine that’s sure to be a people-pleaser?

Beyond the taste, Bonfire’s packaging is sure to be a conversation starter. Binge recommends having this handy at any given time this season. We know there are sure to be plenty of snow days where all you want to do is watch movies, sit by the fire and sip wine. Bonfire will help you relax and enjoy the winter the way it deserves to be enjoyed!

“The Bonfire Wine Pouch™ protects natural flavors using several layers of high performance FDA approved (BPA free) materials designed to preserve the quality and care that goes into crafting each Bonfire wine. As you pour, the package deflates, minimizing exposure to oxygen and extending the freshness up to four weeks after opening.”


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