What To Do While Drinking Wine

Wine & Dine
Eat a delicious dinner that pairs with your choice of wine. Don’t be afraid to spend a little to give your taste buds something to tingle about.

Wine Tastings
Sometimes we think we know what we like…until we try something better! Grab a group of friends, a hot date, or some of your closest family and bond over vino! You can do these at a local bar, or make your own at home! We love home tastings where each person coming brings a different type of wine…its fun & easy!

Cooking at Home
To some, cooking is one of the most relaxing things in the world…most of those people know that the best way to enjoy it is with a big glass of wine! If you don’t like cooking, have a glass of wine prior, grab some ingredients and voila!

Have a Movie Night
Maybe you are just getting home from a long week of work and all you want to do is sit on your couch drink wine till you pass out (no judgment here- guilty as charged!) Add a good flick, some pajamas and pop the popcorn…after all, you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach!

Getting a Manicure and Pedicure
Guys, we understand most you do not all get these done, but the ladies seem to really enjoy the feeling of someone prettying up their nails while drinking some wine.

Play Games or (our recommendation) “Heads Up”
Nothing better than drinking some wine and attempting to guess who your friend is trying to act like. From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents — guess the word on the card from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out! Be light on the wine intake as this game may involve you to jump around and really get active. Or drink a bottle and watch the performances get just a little more extreme!

Enjoy a glass of wine while you picnic. Whether you are sitting out on a summer day on a hilltop, out on the beach or even in the comfort of you own backyard, this glass of wine will put your mind at ease.

Sitting by the Fireside
Pour yourself a glass of some vino during a chilly fall night or a snowed-in day. Get cozy in your PJ’s and throw on a movie or play some comforting tunes while you’re at it too. The best times to enjoy your wine is under your own roof.

At Your Desk at Work
There really isn’t any productive way to put this, but always have some ready to go next to your workplace. No one needs to know. I highly recommend having box wine instead of the bottles for numerous of reasons. The two biggest being; no corkscrew is needed and the box wine will last longer and taste better if you just so happen not to drink it all.

Music Festival
Sure summer may be over, but that means to start scouting those festivals for next year and start marking them down. O yea don’t forget to bring the wine!

Online Surfing
This can really go in to 2 directions so we should say be responsible while surfing the web. First off, don’t get too intoxicated because this can lead to very bad things such as posting rude comments on enemy’s Facebook walls, taking inappropriate selfies, and/or possible drunk online shopping… (Never a good idea.) But if you are just casually educating yourself on fashion trends, celebrity gossip, or using what we all LOVE to do Pinning on Pinterest then we say go have a ball with it.

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