What Makes a Great Hockey Player?

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It takes many numerous ingredients to make it to the top of your profession, especially when it’s one that captures the dreams of so many from such a young age. Professional athletes live the dreams of millions of children worldwide who watch them in action or on TV every week with hero-worship. The multi-millionaire cream of the crop doesn’t get to the pinnacle by accident, though. They realize their God-given talent at an early age, work tirelessly at perfecting that talent and stop at nothing in their efforts to succeed.

If you’re a hockey fan, observe the likes of Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin the next time you watch a game. Their on-ice actions look so refined and natural as to seem ridiculously easy, but what we don’t see is the years of struggle and frustration involved in growing from starry-eyed young boys in their hometowns to becoming globally-recognized NHL icons. One thing is for sure; their rise to stardom did not happen overnight. It is the result of thousands of hours of hard graft, stubborn perfectionism and an ability to face down and overcome every challenge that is thrown their way.

Tucker Hockey created this video which identifies the most important skills and character traits necessary to become a professional hockey player. Obviously, a heck of a lot of skill as regards skating, shooting and puck control is needed, but a prodigy who might have those in abundance could be sorely lacking the character, discipline and team ethic of any NHL pro. If you can combine natural born hockey talent with the unwavering desire to work hard at progressing to the next level, you at least stand a chance of becoming a hockey player of wide renown.

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