Wellvyl: A New Kind Of Social Club

photo credit: to Charles Roussel/BFA.com.

Looking for a place where you can mingle with like-minded individuals that have a passion for health and wellness? Wellvyl is a thriving community and fitness culture firmly rooted in the following principles that embody connecting peers in the health & wellness space professionally and socially. They also strongly believe in motivating members to embrace their healthiest lifestyle possible.

Ditching happy hour for working out with friends after work is becoming more and more common. The importance of maintaining a healthy way of living is no longer a “fad’ and more of a way of life.

What you can expect from The Wellvyl Experience:

1) Meet and mingle with new people, and engage in a ‘well-thy’ lifestyle at curated weekly activities and events.

2) Engage in activities and events geared towards learning about health & wellness. Panel discussions, cooking classes and workshops.

3) Activities and events geared towards the physical side of health & wellness. Including yoga, cardio, boxing and dynamic stretching. There is an activity for every fitness lover.

4) If you are looking to exercise your mind as well as your body Wellvyl offers activities and events geared towards the spiritual side of health & wellness. Transcendental meditation talks from spiritual leaders and group prayers.

5) Sick of the bar scene? Get the social experience, wrapped around health & wellness activities.

For more information, membership benefits and upcoming events, visit www.wellvyl.com.


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