Welcome to the 2nd Annual Binge Fitness Week

On behalf of Binge Magazine, I’d like to extend a BIG welcome to our 2nd Annual Binge Fitness Week. Binge Fitness Week is dedicated to bringing fitness and health related content to inspire and educate our readers. We believe in a life full of fitness- mentally, physically and emotionally. We thrive on bringing you content that you can relate to and use in your everyday life. So grab your waterbottle and towel and hang with us all week while we introduce you to different fitness experts, coaches and workouts you may be missing out on. We’ve also got giveaways, fun instagram parties, and much more!


For our first post, we’ve combined some of our recent Binge Fitness Challenge’s (check back weekly for these) to make one perfect post-4th of July workout. Try it out and give a shout via Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook so we can see your #sweatyselfies and hear your thoughts!

First, let’s get your heart pumpin’ with some good ‘ol burpees:
Start with hands to side





Squat down with hands touching the floor and on your toes as shown





Kick back your feet so your body is in a push-up position





Kick your lower body back to your squatting position





Stand back up with hands to the side or to hips then rapidly repeat this process for 20-25 seconds for a full set.





#BingeOnFitness Challenge:
Do 3 sets
Each set for 25 seconds
Rest 30 seconds after each set

Burpees have a variety of benefits for the body, to see a few, click this link

Next, let’s Binge on some abs…standing up style:
Before you start, be sure to have enough room around you to really get a great workout in.
Standing Knee Cross Crunch
1. Stand tall with one arm reaching the sky and the other on your hip

2. Bring that same arm towards your opposite leg which will be meeting your elbow half way as you raise it up past your belly button. Bring your knee as high as you can and attempt to have your elbow touch the top of your knee.

3. Return back to your stand position with the same arm to the sky.

Repeat this motion for about 20-30 seconds.
– After your first set, rest for 15 seconds and reverse your action with the other side of the body.
– Challenge yourself to 3 total sets on both sides of the body.
Images courtesy of fitbie.com

Let’s get the whole body burning:
For those not familiar with a kettlebell, here is what one looks like.

Using a kettlebell or a weighted plate (preferably a kettlebell)

Here’s the challenge: 4 sets for 45 seconds 
Kettlebell Swing:
Grab the kettlebell (or substitute) by the handle with both hands and make sure to have a firm grip.
Keeping your back as straight as possible, go into a squat position and swing the kettlebell with control just below and past your bottom area and explode back up swinging your body back to a standing position without ever bending your back.


Interested in learning more about kettlebells and the many benefits/workouts that come along with it? Check out www.kettleworx.com the leader in kettlebell training.

Images courtesy of fitbie.com

Alright! Now you’re ready for Binge Fitness Week! Don’t forget to engage along with us on social media- it’s fun, easy and you’re sure to meet a lot of really great people and maybe even win some prizes!

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