Weekend Binge [Chicago]

The weekends are too short to worry about how you’re going to enjoy them. By the time you figure out what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go, or what you are going to watch, it’s already Sunday evening. That’s where I come in! My name is Jessica and I’ll show up every now and then to share some hot links around the web and fun events happening in the city on my favorite days of the week: Saturday and Sunday. I hope to not only help you enjoy your much deserved weekends to the fullest, but to guide you into some #bingeworthy content. After all, we could all use a stress free weekend every once in a while 😉

What are you Binging on this weekend? Tell us using the hashtag #WeekendBinge – consider us your new best friends!

The weather is warming up in this great city and that means… keep your winter coat on standby for at least two more weeks! Here are a few great links around the web to blissfully binge out on this weekend:

It’s the last weekend to see #DateMe. It’s a must see! You will either laugh really hard or ugly cry through the entire thing.

This family eats ONLY steak. True story.

Is buttered (bulletproof) coffee a no-brainer?

6 amazing grown-up popcorn recipes to make for your next Netflix binge.

The official song for Dr. Kanye’s graduation ceremony this weekend. Way to go SAIC.

There is a place in Chicago to watch comedy and get free pancakes on a Saturday afternoon.

These women know their way around Chicago’s hottest kitchens.

 are quickly becoming the millennial versions of soap operas.

Does this map of state foods seem legit? Chicago is spot on!


Have A Binge-i-ful Weekend!


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