Weekend Binge [Chicago]

Weekends are especially good when the days leading up to it are such a nail biting roller coaster. If the Bulls vs Cavs playoff series (Oh, wait that went south and Bulls couldn’t force a Game 7), Kanye’s graduation speech, and this non-existent Chicago spring weather have been driving you up a wall this week, then this message is for you:

Let your hair down, take a selfie and have a great weekend! Here are some links to make your Saturday and Sunday. #WeekendBinge


Speaking of selfie: take a class

Want something more rigorous to study? Try Beyoncé, Star Trek Hunger Games.

Grab a brew with your buds at Chicago Craft Beer Week!


Allergies are worse in cities than in rural areas! Chicago is a top allergy city.


Not sure how we feel about this food trend. Have you tried it yet?


Are those mom jeans or dad jeans? Hilariously, explained.


What Millennials really want at work. (And coffee that’s not from a Keurif, please!)


I laughed out loud because it’s true.


Chicago’s cutest, new addition this week is a baby lemur.


The concert lineup for Taste of Chicago 2015 has just been released.

What are you Binging on this weekend? Tell us using the hashtag #WeekendBinge – consider us your new best friends!

Have A Binge-i-ful Weekend!

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