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Warning: Do Not Use These April Fools Jokes on Social Media

april-fools-day-memeI’ll admit it, I love a good April Fools joke, but there are a few that are just too annoying and way too played out on social media. I’m here to help point out the obvious, and save you from the embarrassing comments people may leave you. Here’s my very brief list of “do not’s”- any others are fair game!

#1) “We’re Engaged!!!!” No, you’re not, so be quiet. You didn’t randomly get engaged on a Monday night to someone you weren’t even dating…Move on! Also, who is the other half of “we’re?” I’ve been friends with you for 2 years and the only photos you have are selfies of you and your cat…

#2) “I’m pregnant!!!” No, again, you and the other 129 people on my facebook did not get pregnant and decide to tell everyone at the same time….on the same day….April Fools. Not funny, not cute. However, I will admit, I fell pretty bad for one of my friends texting me this bright and early this morning (mainly because I was barely awake enough to know what day it was.) That was a well done pregnancy bluff, if I do say so myself.

#3) “My dog, cat, fish, bird, lizard, monkey, giraffe died.” You don’t even own one of those. See ya!

This is one I have seen that literally made me disgusted….DO NOT DO THIS!!!

“I’ve been diagnosed with (insert disease here).” That is NOT okay. It’s definitely not funny, and it’s definitely not something to joke around about. Please refrain from writing that on facebook.

So, there you have it! My very simple, very straight forward, very short list of April Fools jokes you should not do! Trust me, you’ll save yourself embarrassment!

Now run along and play as many jokes on people as you can today!

Cheers, Bingers!

(photo credit to “We Know Memes”)

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