(ume) Drive: The Essential Item of 2015

New Years resolutions are easy to make, but hard to keep. They start out with good intention but fall through when reality strikes the first work day of the new year with questions like “how can I do it all?” or “I was crazy to think I could make this work.” You are not crazy! You can make your resolutions stick, and it never hurts to have a little extra encouragement, or a little device, perhaps. We want to introduce you to (ume) pronounced you-me –is a wearable, customizable bracelet with a standard USB chip to allow data storage…(ume) is sleek, stylish and waterproof, catering to every lifestyle, especially to those who are technology shy! If your head is spinning on what this means for your resolutions, read on!

More than 5 years ago, an aspiring music producer in Harlem had a vision for a new way to carry and distribute his music.  Frustrated by the limitations of mainstream storage and distribution media, Clem Harrigan, President of Ume Technology, set out to create a better way for musicians to create, collect, and share their work.

“After my wife Daizy and I started our music production company from our apartment in Harlem NY, we were looking for new ways to promote and sell our music. We started handing out copies of our music on inexpensive USB drives, and people loved the idea. It was an instant hit! The opportunity for innovation came after noticing how quickly the cheap drives would break and how frequently the chip would malfunction. Our first idea was big and bulky with a clasp that would never stay closed. They were constantly falling off, and the metal piece holding the chip in place rusted over time. Still, we truly believed in the idea.

After trying several different designs and exhausting our entire savings, we finally had a product we were proud of. (ume) is the first of its kind: an indestructible, clasp-free waterproof bracelet embedded with flash drive technology.The idea eventually grew beyond our music but we wanted to stay true to our roots. (ume) is infused with the same vibrancy and independent sense of style as the music created in our Harlem studio. Having different colors and designs to choose from is really important to us; it is important to our customers that (ume) fits their personality and vibe.”

“We are very excited about the future,” says Clem.   “We are actively working to improve (ume).  From the creation of a personal cloud with a Bluetooth model to RFID integration, to even an online app store that allows you to download user-friendly programs and interfaces to the device, no corner will be left unturned.”


Suggested Uses

Fitness: We know that fitness goals are the most common New Years resolution, but they are definitely one of the easiest to break. Here’s some ways that investing in (ume) will help you stay motivated!
“For the health and fitness aficionado, wear (ume) to promote you! Store your profile, stats, or medical information in case of emergency.”

Staying Organized: A vital trait of success is making sure you are constantly organized and able to access your work. Start 2015 on a clean slate and store your info. on your brand new (ume)!

Networking: Say you step out for lunch when run into a potential client you have been trying to get in front of for months…the downside? Your business cards are lingering on your desk. If you’re wearing your Ume, you won’t sweat it! Give your (ume) – customized with your name – not only will you finally make that connection, but you will look extremely relaxed and organized! Win, win!


Buy your (ume) drive here & make sure you take pictures of how you (ume!)

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