Train Your Mind, Change Your Body: Nadia Murdock Fit

We are so thrilled to feature Nadia Murdock today for #BingeFitness Week! Nadia is a true superstar & powerhouse in the fitness industry. She’s a true story that can resonate with many of us.

I’m sure there is a good amount of us who have felt weighed down mentally, emotionally and physically. We aren’t always at our best, and we fight our personal demons to become that best. Sometimes our head is saying the opposite of our body, and we have to work towards a common ground. Nadia’s story is not only inspirational and motivating, but it’s REAL. Read on!

Nadia Murdock is living proof that her “train your mind so you can change your body” method works, as she herself was once not only over thirty pounds overweight, but weighed down mentally with feelings and fears that were making a full live impossible. She was, in essence, her own first client and has gone on to become a fitness coach, certified fitness instructor, author of You Can Have it All and all around healthy lifestyle enthusiast. After experiencing the transformative power of a health-focused mind and body in her own life she became dedicated to sharing that power with others and not long after, the Nadia Murdock Fit world was born.

Nadia understands on a personal level that mental roadblocks and challenges are often the first and most difficult barrier to fitness. She also believes everyone owes it to themselves to conquer those challenges, and deserves to live their life in the healthiest and happiest way possible, and she is dedicated to making that a reality for as many as possible!

Binge Magazine: What advice can you give to readers who are in a “funk,” when it comes to getting in shape?

Nadia Murdock: Always keeping forms of motivation on hand is very helpful no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are in. It could be an inspiration board in your office, images on your fridge or encouraging quotes written on a piece of paper tucked away in your wallet, the important thing is that you are able to see it. My companies slogan is train your mind, change your body, you will be surprised what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

BM: What was your “ah-ha” moment when you really decided to dedicate yourself to fitness & health?

NM: I was a fitness enthusiast for several years, to say the least. I have a health and fitness column on that I have been writing for since 2008. I was always reviewing the latest fitness trends, products and meeting amazing like minded people at the same time. It wasn’t until I attended a health and wellness conference a few years ago that I decided to turn my passion into a career. A good friend of mine said you are doing what you are suppose to in life, you’re face simply lights up anytime you discuss fitness!

BM: In a society where everyone is trying to be thinner, more muscular, more sexy, etc. how do you help clients focus on being the best version of themselves instead of trying to compete with others?

NM: One of the things that I help clients do is to imagine the fit version of themselves. This embodies a fit lifestyle overall not just looking hot in a bikini. I have them examine ways they can improve their current everyday practices so that they can eventually achieve weight loss success. Once I have them focus on a goal of sustaining a healthy well-being verse seeking a quick fix they start redirecting the energy of comparing themselves to others onto loving themselves.

These are personal opinion questions 🙂

BM: What is your favorite workout?

NM: I enjoy spin and kickboxing a lot, I am high impact cardio kind of girl. However zumba and cardio dance classes are always fun for me as well, the important thing for me is to switch up workouts often to avoid boredom and hitting a plateau.

BM: Favorite workout song?

NM: Wow, I have so many! I have been loving Day 26 Imma Put It On Her since the day it came out in 2009. I also love Britney Spears Work B**ch, this song gets me out of any workout funk I might have. I have a playlist on Spotify (NadiaMurdockFit23) called train your mind, change your body I am always finding new songs the latest ones I added was Attack by 30 Second To Mars and Feelin’ Myself by and Miley Cyrus.

BM: Morning, mid-day or night workouts?

NM: On the weekends I workout in the morning since I usually have a day filled with errands and scheduled meetups. During the week, I am all about an evening workouts, it really helps me to unwind after a long day. I enjoy taking classes offered at my gym, lucky for me some of my favorite classes are in the evening with fabulous instructors.

BM: Pre-workout snack? Post workout?

NM: If I am feeling a little famished I will eat at least one hour before my workout. I tend to have a piece of fruit like an apple or banana, sometimes I will have half a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter.

BM: Water, Gatorade or protein shake?

NM: I am big fan of water over Gatorade any day! I tend to drink protein shakes for recovery purposes. My favorites include Rockin Wellness, Fitmixer and Gaspari nutrition.

BM: Best health advice you’ve ever received?

NM: What a great question! One that sticks out that I now share with my clients and readers is always make sure you are challenging yourself. It’s easy to fall into a workout routine but it’s harder to know when you are “skating” by and need to push yourself a little harder.

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