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Tortilla Nuevo Leon: Family Success

HAMMOND, INDIANA | Over Thrity-five years in the business and plenty more to come. Owners Oscar and Maria Martinez have transformed the simple concept of a tortilla into something more and with their sons now running the business you can count on newer and fresher ideas coming from this company. The tortilla manufacturing business has many believing that their quality taste is simply the best throughout the region. Ranging from flour to corn to even Totopo chips, Nuevo Leon offers it all. This family oriented business flows around the two twin brothers and their sister. Jesus (Head of Operations) Jaime (Head of Sales) and Olga Martinez (Office Manager) all put in the necessary hours to keep their father’s and mother’s business alive and well.

As we begin to see the same pattern as most of the Mexican Entrepreneurs, the same reason to come to the United States still remains for most of these successful business people. Natives to Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon Mexico, Oscar and his wife both came to Northwest Indiana for the same reasons most Mexicans decided to make the trip up to the states. “After working for many years in the tortilla industry, my wife and I decided to start our own company to produce tortillas for the Hispanic population,” said Oscar Martinez. With new facilities located in Hammond, Indiana the family business can now expand and continue to produce delicious products for their customers. “We have dedicated customers, and when I say that, I mean the Mexican people. They love having their tortillas and having them made just as if they were being made in Mexico. Our other customers are very loyal to us as well, but nothing can compare to our own people who continue to support us.” With that said, many can agree that Mexicans are very loyal shoppers to their own products. Nuevo Leon continues to sell their products as if they were selling them in Mexico, and that type of business works to perfection for them.

All businesses have some type of way to explain their unique style of success but to the Martinez family it is simply: Hard work, Dedication and the loyalty from the customers. “We are always hearing good things from people, and it usually circulates back to us so if it wasn’t for our customers and their commitment, I do not think Nuevo Leon would be where we are at,” said Jamie Martinez. With Northwest Indiana and Chicago both sharing homes to Mexican businesses, one could only ask how do they keep their business going and whats their secret. Oscar Martinez answered, “I believe they have been successful because our culture is very passionate and hard working. Not only do we reach out to Hispanics but to other ethnicities as well. We are known for our hospitality and because of that we can introduce them to our food and culture very easily.”

Nuevo Leon have found alternate ways of dealing with the economy problems and because of those methods they are able to expand. Their new products like their Totopo Chips and Mexican Salsa’s keep the customers wanting more and waiting to see what comes next. “We have invested in new state of the art equipment to produce our products faster and more efficient. We are constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts of selling and advertising our products. We look for creative and catchy ways to sell our products whether it is through our website, billboards, or branding ads. We are always adding new items to our line of products so that means double the work and when most people get overwhelmed with it we can say we enjoy the challenge,” said Jesus Martinez.
Nuevo Leon will continue doing what they do best, and they realize that most competitors will do what they need to do to out sell them but they are not afraid what so ever. Nuevo Leon has a bright future and with only 35 years under its belt, you can bet that Nuevo Leon will soon reach the peak that the infamous El Popular is at now. Both companies are considered to be the biggest Latino Owned businesses throughout Northwest Indiana and even though El Popular surpasses that title, Nuevo Leon is on the run and it will be only a matter of time until they reach that title.

If you are interested in learning more about Tortillas Nuevo Leon, visit their website at
Their new Address is:
724 Hoffman St.
Hammond, IN 46327
219. 853.1900

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