Top Baseball Movies to Watch

We are inching near baseball season and want to get everyone in the right state of mind, so we complied a list of our favorite baseball movies. From comedies, romance, dramas, and suspenseful baseball movies we have a good range that won’t leave you bored. Lace up those cleats, buckle your belt, strap your jock strap on and tuck in your shirt because its going to be a long season for everyone and we want to prepare you for it. Grab your sunflower seeds and let’s get this ball rollin’.

Angles in the Outfield (1994)
Tony Danza, Danny Glover and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all in one movie is well, too good to miss. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an orphan who’s got a direct line to the angels in heaven who eventually help the team break a losing streak. For those who do not know the Angels were once called the “California Angels,” then the “Los Angeles Angels” then “Anaheim Angels” and now they are the “Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim.”

Bad News Bears (1976) & (2005)
This is a great movie for Little League coaches from all parts and all leagues. Every coach will be able to relate to most of these scenarios and funny scenes. Both the original that was released in 1976 and the remake is about Morris Buttermaker, (a drunken ex-ballplayer,) who is forced to coach a local little league team of misfits. Buttermaker is more interested in beer and babes until he grows tired of seeing the team lose. In an effort to change things around, Buttermaker begins to teach the kids how to play and is finally able to turn the team around to lead them to a possible championship.

BASEketball (1998)
This movie is technically about baseball but also about basketball too. Confused yet? Yea, I think everyone at one point tried to play this game in their backyard. Any who, did you know the two main characters are actually the brains behind the South Park show on Comedy Central? This movie is meant for every coach and player to feel smarter about themselves and apprecate the organization of every true sport. Plus, Jenny McCarthy and Jasmine Bleeth – Yes!

Beer League (2006)
Beer, broads and softball combine with over-the-top comedy about a group of misfits whose weekly softball games descend more into fights for macho dominance than making home runs. This movie really comes down to noticing the realty of most washed up ex-players ball players, whether they played in Little League, High School, College or whatever…most guys never want to give up the dream of playing and that itself is very funny when grown men are taking a game way too serious.

Bull Durham (1988)
Ok so this is an instant classic! Who says a man can’t be romantic and play ball at the same time? This popular romantic comedy about a love triangle between hotshot rookie, minor leaguer, and team groupie is what every ball player needs to understand in baseball and that is “there is more to the game than itself, you may love the game but it may not always love you back.”

Ed (1996)
This sluggish comedy about a monkey that joins a professional baseball team…Wait…WHAT?! A monkey and Matt LeBlanc from Friends make this movie surprisingly good. A very funny but pointless movie to make, but we still recommend it since it is very out of the box.

Fever Pitch (2005)
Jimmy Fallon is awesome, plain and simple. Kind of corny but since the movie speaks highly of the greatness of baseball and how anything can happen in baseball is really cool. The whole story about the Boston Red Sox coming back from 3 games to none, then winning the series against the Yankees, then winning the World Series is always a great story to tell. Sort of wish it was more about that, than this love story but we still like it!

Field of Dreams (1989)
This movie ranks in with the all-time best baseball dramas. This Upbeat, widely appealing Hollywood fantasy/drama about Iowa farmer who builds a baseball diamond after hearing mysterious voices had many people visiting this field, which is now an actual tourist site attraction and host actual games onsite.

42 (2013)
You can’t draw a up a better story to tell to your children or players. Based on the true story of Jackie Robinson and what he went through should just motivate people to not only better themselves as baseball players and athletes but as individuals as well. This movie speaks dividends about taking a stand and being a strong person and having true love for the game when all odds are stacked against you. Jackie changed the whole game and led the way for minority athletes to be accepted for what they do on the field or court rather than what they look like.

A League of Their Own (1992)
Women playing baseball while their husbands serve in the War and playing solid baseball at a high level makes this movie very competitive and enjoyable to watch. If you have a daughter or girl playing on your Little League team this is the movie you need to tell them to check out to show them that women can play baseball and be better than those boys on their team. These women are so tough that we think they could play in today’s big leagues!

Little Big League (1994)
This underrated movie gets no credit! This upbeat baseball comedy about a 12-year-old boy who inherits the Minnesota Twins and manages them himself takes the league by storm. Check it out and let us know what ya think!

Major League I & II (1989)
Maybe one of the best sport movies for a part one and part two movies to ever come out. The many different characters in these movies just make you cry because they are so funny. Cleveland hasn’t won a championship since who knows when, and the fact that this movie takes place in Cleveland makes it even funnier. Part 1 shows the Yankees as the enemies and Part 2 shows the White Sox as the bad guys. Maybe one of the best baseball villains in all of sport movie history has to go to… “Jack Parkman” (I’m the only winner on this team. The rest of ’em, they’re losers. Either by choice, or by birth.) – Jack Parkman. Plus, Charlie Sheen is in this and is better known as “Wild Thang!” O Lord.

Moneyball (2011)
This is a story of the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane and his successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget, by employing Jonah Hill who tries to use computer-generated analysis to draft his players to build wins based on production numbers. First off, the Oakland A’s seem to always be successful every year no matter what! This movie will make all baseball players and fans fall in love with math due to how much in detail this movie shows the importance about mathematics.

The Rookie (2002)
Never let anyone ever tell you, “your time is up.” This is a great story about the game’s oldest rookie, Jim Morris, the former Tampa Bay hurler, and his small town story that turned into a big league reality. This will make your father strap up at age 50 and go try out for the closest MLB team around town.

Rookie of the Year (1993)
Parents, please make sure your kids do NOT try to go purposely break their elbow or shoulder because this will NOT happen to them! Funny situation turns into a cool story for a young Cub’s fan in Chicago who slips over a ball and breaks his arm then gets the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch in the bigs because he can now throw 100mph. Now, correct me if I am wrong but if you throwing nothing but fastballs… I am going to time that up throughout my 2 pitches I see while I’m up at bat, and will sooner or later cream that ball. Anyways, this does happen in the movie and that is what makes it very funny… so be sure to show the kids this one!

The Sandlot (1993)
This movie is basically the documentary of how Little Leaguers should go about their business before thinking they are stars or big shots. Play for the love of the game, have fun and enjoy your teammates. This movie is so good it still is played every month even in the winter on cable television. Every character in the movie has a significant meaning and shows certain characteristics that every young ball player should take away from the game. This movie will go down as one of the best baseball movies of all time.

Summer Catch (2001)
Freddie Prince Jr. and his fellow teammates may not have had the proper baseball training while doing this movie but the whole story behind it was pretty cool. The story of a Cape Cod player and college ball players trying to bust into the big leagues is a well told true story of what exactly happens in the summer dog days after college baseball. It shows how it is done and what it takes also how important it is to be seen by scouts. Making it into the big leagues isn’t easy and takes a long time to do it and some guys go years without making it but they keep trying and that is true passion. Plus a young Jessica Biel is also in this movie too and that is a pretty picture!

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