Top 5 Common Causes Of Tooth Loss In Young People

More and more youngsters are losing teeth than ever before, with tooth decay being the number one reason for child hospital admissions in the United Kingdom according to the Telegraph. This type of oral epidemic is unprecedented in British history and can be attributed to a number of factors, whether it’s young people’s sugar intake, the fact that many of them don’t visit the best orthodontist London has to offer enough, or that they’re beginning to pick up unhealthy habits like smoking. Join us as we take a look at the top 5 common causes of tooth loss in young people.  

  1. Sugar Intake

The mouth contains hundreds of different types of bacteria, the majority of which are beneficial to our body’s overall ecosystem. However it is also home to certain harmful bacteria and these organisms feed specifically on sugars, creating acids which can, in turn, destroy a tooth’s enamel and potentially create cavities, a bacterial infection. By consuming too much sugar young people are damaging the protective outer layer of their teeth and if left untreated, cavities can then progress to deeper layers of their gum, resulting in excruciating pain and potential tooth loss.  

  1. Smoking

Its common knowledge that smoking posts a variety of health concerns, all of which are well publicised, and with young people still adopting the detrimental habit, they run the risk of losing their teeth. The prevailing theory is that the tobacco inside cigarettes restricts blood flow to the tissues found in our gums; this, therefore, constricts the amount of nutrients required for adequate bone growth and support of our teeth, meaning they are susceptible to decay. Smoking can also cause a number of health conditions which also result in tooth loss including gingivitis and periodontal disease.      

  1. Missing Regular Dental Appointments

If a young person doesn’t visit the dentist regularly enough they are at a high risk of having one or multiple teeth extracted. Many harmful oral ailments can develop without us even noticing and to the untrained eye, teeth can look perfectly normal when in truth their roots are in a state of disrepair.  Gum disease, halitosis (bad breath), mouth ulcers and many other orthodontic problems can occur if a young person doesn’t visit their dentist for regular check-ups and hygiene cleanings.

  1. Tooth Grinding Caused By Stress

Young people today face many stresses, whether it be the pressures of social media, academic issues or financial problems, they have to combat an abundance of daily anxieties, some of which can cause tooth grinding.  Now while we all grind our teeth from time to time, if a young person is under such severe stress they may begin to grind regularly, throughout the day and even when they’re asleep. By doing so they can begin to wear away each of their teeth down, putting an increased strain on the tissue, gum and bone that surrounds them, thereby potentially loosening their teeth, causing them to fall out.

  1. Acidic Foods

As we’ve already mentioned, an unhealthy amount of sugar can cause tooth loss, however sugar isn’t the only component of a young person’s diet that they should limit, there are also a variety of other acidic foods that can increase their chances of losing their teeth. These include processed foods, fish, high protein supplements and certain dairy products. Each time that a young person consumes these foods, they dramatically increase the acid levels in their mouth, so when this is done on a regular basis it puts them at risk of tooth decay and therefore an extraction.

So there you have it, the top 5 common causes of tooth loss in young people. If you believe that you or someone you know may be damaging their teeth, we’d recommend that you arrange a consultation with a dentist so they can diagnose the severity.  

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