Tips & Tricks From Jacki Curcio of La Curcio SkinCare

“Colder days require another layer of moisturizer to get replenished adequately. If your skin is dehydrated and or flaky then use a great hydrating and skin balancing spray mist in the morning, evening and throughout the day to rehydrate and give your skin a punch of glow!”-Jacki Curcio of La Curcio Skincare

Seasonal transitions aren’t just for clothes, shoes and hair styles. In fact, one of the most important transitions begins with our daily skincare routine, something we probably don’t switch up very often…but should we? We all want to have flawless, radiant skin, but sometimes we are stumped at what to do to achieve that glow. Thanks to Jacki Curcio of La Curcio SkinCare, some of your burning questions are answered! (And thanks to Jaimie Hilfiger for introducing us to this amazing woman and amazing brand!) We gathered some reader questions and asked the Queen of La Curcio – enjoy the great advice and be sure to click on the name of each product you’re interested in – it will take you directly to the site where you can purchase them!

“Jacki Curcio, Founder and President of La Curcio SkinCare Collection, is an age defying skincare expert, and nationally published health and beauty writer bringing you the essence of her experience from pursuing her passions in health and beauty with the ultimate luxury and superior results products in her La Curcio Skin Care Collection.

Created with the understanding that everyone possesses their own unique beauty along with the technology to improve and enhance your beauty for a lifetime, she believes that we are not defined by a number, and invites you to transcend and defy your age with La Curcio Skin Care Collection.
Enhance and breath new life into your skin for the timeless beauty you deserve. Indulge yourself with these luxurious ultra age defying formulas rich in powerful results proven natural and state of the art ingredients that deliver and last. Products are Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate & Gluten Free. No Artificial Dyes. No Artificial Fragrances. Luxury containers are all recyclable. Made in USA.”

Colder weather tends to dry out my skin…how many times per day should I moisturize?

JC: Twice a day, AM and PM, after cleansing. If you still feel dry after moisturizing due to cold weather, apply a second layer! This should do the trick. If you need more, use more, but if you can’t seem to get the moisture benefits you need then you need a much better moisturizer! You will get what you pay for when it comes to caring for your skin. LA CURCIO Luminous l Day Cream is rich in Age Defying Moisture that lasts all day, calms the skin and fights redness at the cell level enhancing B defensins, and it’s anti microbial to fight breakouts. Perfect for All Skin Types. If you have an oil rich skin, then just use a little dab!


Should I moisturize before applying foundation? Why or why not?

JC: Always before. You want all that luscious moisture to be absorbed and to do it’s job without trying to penetrate makeup or any other products or sun screen.

Help! I’m starting to wrinkle! What should I do to prevent them?

JC: Great question! Using a fabulous results targeted serum will work wonders immediately and cumulatively over time so start NOW! LA CURCIO Crystal Drops Ultra Firm & Smooth Cocktail topography skin tests show….Up to 50% visible improvements in all fine line and wrinkles in 28 Days! This concentrated product is designed for the entire face, eyes, and neck. For All Skin Types. Delicious!


How many times a day should I cleanse my face? I normally do morning and night, but is that too much? Or not enough?

JC: Always twice. AM and PM. If you’ve having a super packed day or late night and can only get to it once, then be sure to do your cleansing and skin care routine before bed! Removing your makeup and environmental elements from throughout your day is key to the best skin recovery and enhancements. Your skin renews cells at its highest rate while you’re sleeping!

LA CURCIO Gentle Rose Cleanser is rich in skin repairing and anti aging vitamin C, it calms skin and fights any redness. Perfect for Am & Pm! For All Skin Types.


Can you give us your best beauty tips & tricks?

JC: You will find that most things are beneficial with a common sense approach. The same is very true regarding caring for your skin! Don’t over work or beat up your skin.

LA CURCIO Luminous Ambra Perfetto Polish is a ultra fine exfoliator with real crushed Amber, Vanilla & Honey for gentle deep cleansing and the Perfect Glow. Use just a dab and add water using a light touch! The product will do the work. Gentle is always best and if you need more cleansing, cleanse again, gently. For All Skin Types. (Sensitive skin should Avoid any Exfoliators)

Colder days require another layer of moisturizer to get replenished adequately. If your skin is dehydrated and or flaky then use a great hydrating and skin balancing spray mist in the morning, evening and throughout the day to rehydrate and give your skin a punch of glow!

LA CURCIO Equalizer Essential Skin BalanceSpray Toner, is super hydrating, it firms, stimulates collagen renewal, and balances your skin PH. It smells divine with natural floral orange flower! Pure heaven! For All Skin Types.


What temperature water is the best for skin care?

JC: Always tepid. Never hot! If you experience breakouts, it’s best to use cool water until the breakout is cleared. Warmer to hot temperatures increase inflammation to the skin and any skin conditions, so avoid it when possible. If your having a professional facial or skin treatment your specialist may use hot temperatures as part of the ‘treatment’ and should be well versed about the specific care and treatment of your individual skin’s needs- just don’t try it at home.

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