Tiesta Tea: Find Your Function, Pick Your Flavor

Tiesta Tea is a loose leaf tea company that started with two college-aged guys that studied abroad together. They ventured to Prague one weekend and were given the recommendation to visit a tea house. The two guys decided to visit one and they were shocked by all the loose leaf tea blends that there were. Upon returning to America, the guys had a hard time finding any loose leaf tea that was affordable.

Flash forward a year, a new business idea and plan was created – Tiesta Tea, with the idea of making loose leaf tea understandable and affordable. Tiesta Tea is a wholesale and e-commerce company that does not have any overhead costs like brick & mortar stores do making the cost of the different tea blends affordable. Breaking down the tea into five functions (with many blends of each) makes the different types of teas understandable. Black tea = Energizer / Rooibos tea = Immunity / Green tea = Slenderizer etc.

Tiesta Tea’s 5 functions:






Take our quiz to find out which Tiesta Tea function coincides with your personality & lifestyle!

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    Rachel Heinzinger
    Sep 13, 2017 - 03:00 PM

    Great quiz!


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