Three Great Destinations to Enjoy This Summer and Binge on Life

There’s no escaping the fact that winter is well and truly upon us. The USA has just endured one of the coldest winters for many years, but we can take a tip from how alligators have been surviving the frozen bomb cyclone in creative and rather ingenious ways. We may not be able to pull off the same survival tricks as the alligators, but we can get through the cold months in rather a simpler fashion, by staying positive and looking ahead to some of the great destinations you can visit when summer finally hits our

Of course, while there are no doubt countless destinations in the world that you’d want to escape to, make sure you don’t pick a country where, when you turn up wanting to revel in some sunshine, you’ll find yourself plunged into their winter. This rules out southern hemisphere destinations like South Africa, Chile, and New Zealand during June and July. That said, don’t rule out getting your fix of wanderlust; you just need to be prepared to go somewhere slightly different in 2018.

Head to Japan and Enjoy Tranquility (with some Luxury to Boot)
With the Olympic Games heading to Tokyo in 2020 and the country becoming more and more welcoming to Westerners as a result, anyone looking to experience some of the more authentic aspects of Japan should look to head there this summer. Many people think of Japan as a place where they can binge on some bizarre cultural differences, take part in the amazing nightlife scene of the major cities, observe some of the sporting feats that take part in the country, including sumo wrestling and eSports tournaments – with eSports growing in popularity across the globe, a fact you can see as you can now readily bet on them, and witness some truly stunning history in places like Kyoto and Nara, but there are many other parts of Japan worth considering.

If you want to experience some luxury, for example, the chance to visit Japan could see you take one of the most in-demand and luxurious train journeys in the world. The Seven Stars journey is billed as Japan’s answer to the Orient Express. With tickets starting at over $2,000 per person, you might need to start upping your budget before you leave home. The price for a deluxe suite starts at around $13,470 for the Seven Stars journey, and with walls made of rosewood and maple, floors made of walnut, and sliding glass doors decorated with etchings of birds and flowers, you can start to understand how that price tag is justified.

If the total luxury side of Japan isn’t for you, the islands of Okinawa bring with them some incredible beaches and the chance to observe some fascinating marine life, including sea snakes. The islands themselves are relatively untouched by tourists from outside Japan, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can binge on living the good life abroad as much as you like without worrying about running into your boss!

Go to the UK for a Culture Trip
In the past, the UK has not always been a cheap destination to visit, but since Brexit, the UK has become a far cheaper destination to visit from the USA, helping to make it an even more appealing destination for Americans wanting their fix of Ye Olde British culture.

For those seeking some serious natural beauty, then Yorkshire, which famously hosted the start of the Tour De France in 2014, or Scotland, that even Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation enjoyed visiting(!) are the perfect choices. If you fancy going a bit further afield, a trip over to Northern Ireland will take you to the stunning Giants Causeway, and for those who fancy a challenge, how about hiking up Mount Snowdon, from where you can look down on the north side of Wales and the stunning Snowdonia countryside.

On the whole, the UK might not be an obvious summer sun destination. However, if you fancy jumping in the freezing water, then you can head to the likes of the island of Guernsey, where France and the UK meet together to produce a stunning island that is easily accessible from London by plane, or you could head down to the beach at Brighton and enjoy walking across the pebble-strewn beaches whilst playing games on the pier and falling victim to the seagulls that will eat the inevitable British classic of fish and chips you order. That’s all without mentioning the obvious draw of the city of London!

Enjoy the Peruvian Winter
Peru is a country that is really binging on life at the moment – in a literal sense, with its food scene going from strength to strength and the country increasingly being seen as far more than just about the Inca trail and the chance to visit the hugely impressive Machu Pichu.
While it might sound silly to head there when the weather might not be ideal, Peru is actually not that cold in the winter (even at the top of Dead Woman’s Pass on the Inca Trail) and is actually at its driest during June to September, meaning that you can avoid getting wet and getting hit by more humidity than you care to enjoy. With Lima well worth exploring, beaches in Peru nothing short of stunning, and providing you with a decent base from where you can learn to surf, for example at the stunning resort of Mancora, this is a part of the world that truly is ready to be explored before it becomes too crowded.

If you are looking for a truly once in a lifetime experience, then Peru and the Colca Canyon can offer this as you arrive early in the morning to watch giant condors riding the thermals that push them up the canyon, creating a sight that will leave even those who profess not to care about nature slack-jawed in amazement as these magnificent birds enjoy life to the max.

There you have it, three destinations that should hold more than enough excitement for you to propel you through the cold, dark days of winter that still lie ahead as winter reaches its peak.

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