Three Creative Ways to Binge on Fitness

With the new year upon us, it’s inevitable that, for some, the start of 2018 will be all about trying to grab the bull by the horns, binging on nothing but fitness and healthy living. Of course, going to the gym, going out for a jog, or just eating healthier are all quick ways to start achieving this goal, but, in many cases, it doesn’t take long for boredom to set in, which is when the inner sloth of mankind can emerge, with new year fitness dreams disappearing into a bowl of cheese puffs or ice cream!

This slide into cheese puff oblivion isn’t inevitable, though, and there are easy ways to help make sure 2018 not only starts with health at the center but also ends that way too.

Get into Hockey — Swimming Style
While you may not be overly keen on the idea of going onto an ice rink and throwing yourself (albeit wearing more padding than most people could imagine) into another player, don’t write off the world of hockey completely. There is another way that you could end up enjoying the sport in a much more limited manner when it comes to contact: by playing underwater hockey, classified as one of the ‘weirdest’ sports on the planet!

Underwater hockey? Yes, it exists. And it’s played in Portland!

The game allows those competing not only the chance to get fit from swimming but also to develop a passion for an activity with a real competitive edge to it. This is the perfect way to do something a bit different and to make some friends at the same time (it is a team sport after all).

Get Fit to Get Cash
Of course, underwater hockey might not be the easiest sport to get into and, indeed, you might not fancy getting yourself wet in order to get fit (and that’s not mentioning the cost of equipment). In fact, what you might be thinking is how you could emulate fitness instructors at making money by doing what they love. With a range of niches to learn and then excel in, such as pilates and yoga, you could use 2018 to get fit, before using 2019 to make sure that 2018 is the last year you end up actually paying for fitness.

In fact, if you end up finding a career path that truly suits you, not only will you be getting fit to get paid but you will end up getting paid to stay fit!

Taking on Peak Fitness
If you really don’t want to be confined to a gym, and you’ve been put off jogging in your local area by the risk of your neighbors spotting you in your tight lycra, why not go for peak fitness – by taking on actual mountain peaks.

Sure, you might not want to take on these challenges straightaway but, if you can find a peak nearby to conquer and can then work your way up to more exciting challenges, then you’ll receive the double bonus of not only being able to visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet but being able to up your fitness significantly in the process!

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    These binge are very nice, I will folow as you said, thanks your blog is great.


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