The Prancing Elites: You Prance In, You Prance Out

Another week, another load of drama! With the second annual Prance to the Beat showcase right around the corner, Kentrell is pushing the team to the limit. This includes both Julian and Arthur who start the episode on probation, gearing up to ‘sink or swim’ at Prance to the Beat.

The ‘original’ Elites know exactly what this performance means to their team, but Arthur doesn’t seem to care. Arthur’s attitude takes center stage — what you don’t work for, you won’t get. Not only is Arthur bringing the team down due to his lack of passion, but he does the unthinkable and confronts Kentrell for “picking on him,” and tells him to chill. Naturally, Kentrell is not cool with this.

Tension on the dance floor isn’t the only thing that gets to Kentrell this week. The lack of support in Mobile hits him hard as he sees a mostly empty theatre for Prance to the Beat. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Kentrell this season, it’s that his heart’s as big as the team’s ego. And with everything going on in his life, it’s no question that he’s wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

Minutes before the performance, Kentrell pulls Julian and Arthur aside. He feels they aren’t ready. The original Elites prance in and take charge of the stage, leaving Julian and Arthur with big shoes to fill.

They newbies have one last performance to prove themselves as Elite material, but do they have what it takes? Clearly Arthur’s performance is less than stellar, and Julian’s energy is lacking.

Afterwards, Kentrell decides to table his decision in the wake of his emotional day and leaves the Elites hanging overnight. The following morning, Kentrell decides to let Julian and Arthur go, but not before a little banter between the two. It’s clear from Julian’s emotion that he really wanted to be a part of the Elites, but Arthur has no remorse and clearly doesn’t care. And with this, it’s back to the original Elites!

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