The Prancing Elites Project: The New, The Old, & The Injured

Picking up where we left off last week, with tryouts in full swing, Kentrell feels the passion that he’s been looking for. The potential new members of The Prancing Elites express their desire to be on the team while current team members struggle with their egos and still don’t understand why they are auditioning for a team they are already a part of.

At the last minute, the Elites put their pride aside and agree to go through with the auditions. Going in with full force, they all approach tryouts with the intent to prove their worth to the team.

As their competitors start to strut their stuff,tensions rise when Tim takes a hard fall. “I ain’t gonna never be able to dance again,” cries Tim while waiting for the ambulance. And just like that, team angst sets in against Kentrell for pushing them to their limits.

The other Elites seem affected by Tim’s injury, but Kentrell sticks to his ways and exclaims that “the show must go on,” and that they do. While the one on one auditions go on, Kentrell sees potential in one dancer and Kareem deals with his attitude.

Adrian is determined to make the most of the auditions, and things get personal when he confronts Kareem about his attitude. Kareem opens up about his self-doubt, expressing that he hasn’t found happiness since his HIV diagnosis last year. With that said, Adrian is able to comfort Kareem not only as a friend, but as a teammate, and Kareem agrees to give the audition his all.

Jerel lightens the mood of the day by doing team impressions. And great ones at that!

After a long day of dancing and emotions, Kentrell expresses how proud he is of the Elite’s for coming out and dancing like he’s never seen before, and welcomes Kareem, Jerel and Tim back to the team. But what’s left for Tim’s fate, and who will be the newest member of the Elite’s?

Tim is on the mend, thanks to 14 pounds of shrimp and crabs, but lets the team know she is not going through another audition process and hopes that Kentrell saw her dedication before she got hurt. With the excitement of finding out who their newest teammate is, the Prancing Elites go into rehearsal with open minds. Before Kentrell announces the newest member of the Prancing Elites, he lets the team know how much it meant to him that they gave it their all at the audition, and says he’s not heartless enough to let Tim go. So Tim is back in and the new member reveal is finally on its way!

Julian is in, but is there another surprise on the way? Tune in next Tuesday to find out!

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