The Prancing Elites Project: It’s Time to Phlex

With big risks come big rewards, and The Prancing Elites are trying to navigate the journey of success and fame. Though the team may not fully understand Kentrell’s reason for hosting auditions, he makes it known that they don’t have to understand, but they have to accept it. The stakes are higher now and that means work, work, work.

Phlex, Work, Flex
And even if the group doesn’t agree, Montre thinks the idea is brilliant, and even enlists the help of celeb choreographer, Phlex. Kentrell’s focus turns just for a minute to the fact that Phlex has worked with Queen Bey herself.

Phlex expresses his admiration for the Prancing Elites because as a gay, African American male, he understands the pressure and wants the team to succeed. As The Prancing Elites are presented to Phlex, their thoughts on the auditions become a little more sensible, minus Kareem who won’t look up from his phone. Phlex immediately sees the team has a problem focusing.

A bonus if Kareem looks up from his phone? To see the twerking skills that Phlex is offering – wow!

Kareem wastes no time expressing his concern about Phlex to the team, but that won’t stop them from attending Phlex’s bootcamp. Hopefully, the team can get it together and realize they are improving with Phlex’s help. Already he has expressed concern that their “stamina” needs a lot of work.

Demand Respect
Phlex opens the team’s eyes with his positive, but stern, rant about them being stuck. It’s sometimes about the bigger picture, and the group needs to get their act together and realize that it’s not “all for one and one for all” on a team like this.

However, if the team thinks Phlex and Kentrell are on the same page, they’re wrong. Phlex questions Kentrell’s leadership skills, and the lack of respect the team has for Kentrell.

Like any good coach, Kentrell needs to take the lead and demand respect. He IS the leader after all. Unfortunately, Kareem has no tolerance for this newfound respect and walks out furiously which sparks Phlex’s concern and leads to a much-needed conversation.

“I did not fly to Mobile, Alabama to be Dr.Phil and help you guys get your personal lives in order. I came here to work,” Phlex tells the team.

Even with the team on the fence, Kentrell holds true to his audition request and demands the team auditions alongside new talent.

The Auditions Commence
“Today we press a new play button,” declares Kentrell as the auditions begin filling up with new faces. But there’s a few familiar faces that aren’t in attendance, namely – the entire Prancing Elites squad.

What does this mean for the future of The Prancing Elites? Tune in next Tuesday on Oxygen to find out!

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