The Prancing Elites Project: Are You Faux Real?

There’s no time to waste in Alabama! The Prancing Elites are coming off a big win in Atlanta and Montre is on top of his booking game. So what does this mean for the team? Montre got the team booked for the Faux Real Festival in New Orleans.

Which leaves them nice and giddy. Why not enjoy the moment. And that’s all it lasts, a quick moment before they’re all annoyed with Adrian. See for yourself! ↓

Faux Real Challenges
If you’re not familiar, The Prancing Elites have overcome a lot of criticism and been denied bookings, so when they’re invited to do a second performance at the Faux Real Festival, you’d think the answer would automatically be yes. Not so fast!

An aerial performance request may have thrown them off, but there is no question that they are accepting this unique opportunity. It may be a lot of work, but The Prancing Elites are always up for a challenge.
Cold Hearted Kentrell

Dance performances aside, Kentrell opens up about how his Dad wasn’t there for him when he needed it most. With the news of his Dad’s cancer diagnoses, Kentrell doesn’t know what to feel or if he’ll ever have the courage to ask his dad the hard questions now.

It’s Showtime
The Prancing Elites are off, and so are their nerves. With excitement for two performances they’ve trained hard for, the team is anxious about not being welcome in New Orleans…again.

The team is greeted by the event coordinator who explains that this is the real New Orleans. Being different is embraced at Faux Real and he assures the team that they are in good hands here.

Love is in the Aerial
Leave it to Adrian to scope out the hotties in New Orleans. This time, it wasn’t hard to find as he was presented a real-life Aladdin- the aerial instructor, Michael.

Adrian isn’t the only one getting butterflies from this practice, but Kentrell’s butterflies aren’t the good kind. Emotionally exhausted after his father’s cancer diagnosis, Kentrell can’t quite grasp wanting to learn this routine. Thankfully he takes his role of team captain seriously and pulls through for the rest of the team.

Kareem’s reservations about their aerial performance have been constant, but he steps up proving the show must go on!

It’s safe to say Adrian’s crush on Michael helped him perform like a pro!

Back to Reality…and Drama

As the guys soak in their aerial performance, Kareem reveals that he found a flyer for Prancing Elites tryouts. Secret tryouts for men and women, nonetheless, and the claws come out for Kentrell. The team has felt disrespected by Kentrell in the past and this might just be the final straw.

Do you agree with what Kentrell did? Tune in next Tuesday on Oxygen for more Prancing Elites Project!

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