The Prancing Elites: On Top of the World

It’s been a busy season! Though viewers are only a part of the Elites’ lives for an hour each week, it’s safe to say the connection they make with their audience is strong. Through the drama, the tears and the hard work, we’re all rooting for their next big break. This week’s season finale showed that the Elites are well on their way…

While the team is ecstatic, the Prancing Elites aren’t the only ones learning big news. Adrian, who we’ve all fallen in love with this season because of his personality and charm, learns that he has his first audition for a Broadway show! With the encouragement of the team, how could he turn down an opportunity like this?

The Elites are no stranger to emotion, as seen this season, but Adrian is feeling conflicted due to the audition being on the opposite end of the country as his teammates. Overcoming this fear will ultimately lead to another triumph of the season. Oh, and shortly after Adrian arrives, he meets an idol of his, Sheryl Lee Ralph. She’s not only impressed with his makeup, but also with his raw talent.

Meanwhile, Phlex returns with yet another exciting but challenging opportunity for the team. Phlex has presented tension and action within the group this season that has bonded them through hard work. So what’s up his sleeve this time? A music video for the group! The challenge? They’ve got to do everything, including singing!

Something else the Elite’s have taught their audience this season? Without a little play, you can’t commit to hard work. So before they immerse themselves in work, they need to play around LA! Which means … BEYONCE!

Off to test a location that could be perfect for their video, the team witnesses an inspirational story. These street kids are impressive and drive momentum as they prepare for their video rehearsal.

Now to work! The Elites learn the beat to their song, and in classic Jerel fashion, his excitement is expressed by a hysterical spit of words.

Adrian learns his Broadway fate (for now) but his positivity is something the Elite’s audience has fallen in love with. It’s time to make a video and Adrian will continue to work it in LA.

Days turn into nights turn into mornings , but Phlex makes sure the team is aware that the outcome will be worth the long hours. The talent that the Elites have is different than what most people are used to seeing, so it’s been a great season getting to see their hard work pay off and learning the faces behind the dancers. And how better to end a season? This music video is the “TEA”, as Jerel would say!

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