The Prancing Elites: Emotions Run Through Mobile

The New Elites
With our new team formed, The Prancing Elites forge on with practice. There’s no time to waste! Kentrell announces that on-top of Julian, he has also extended the opportunity to Arthur to join the Elites. Jerel maintains his place as the groups’ most positive member and welcomes Julian and Arthur warmly, but Kentrell puts a kibosh on the celebrations quickly explaining that they’ve got to get to work. After all, they are performing at The Queer Homecoming in just a few days!

Kentrell holds his own as team captain and has learned his lesson about being a pushover. With the new Elites comes a new, tougher Kentrell. Arthur and Julian feel the burn right away as the Elites are put through their paces.

Though it seemed exciting at first, Kareem and Adrian seem to be a little on edge when it comes to team bonding with Arthur and Julian. And the claws seem to be directed at Julian. When Julian expresses his desire to someday teach dance, it’s clear Kareem and Adrian don’t think he should be saying this so soon.
Back to the basics, Julian and Arthur worry about tucking…and no, that’s not a dance move.

At Home
Kentrell tries to decide whether he wants to see his Dad in the wake of his cancer diagnosis.. A heart to heart bonds Jerel and Kentrell who lived through different experiences, but were both abandoned by their fathers.

Meanwhile, Jerel worries about Tim’s inability to speak up about being transgender and sets up a time for Tim to chat with Lane, a transgender man and LGBT advocate. Tim speaks up about the denial of her family, and why it’s so hard to live her “authentic self.”After just one conversation, Tim is feeling stronger and more confident.

Both Kentrell and Jerel agree to give their Dads a second chance to apologize and make things right, but it’s not going to be easy. While Jerel struggles to figure out what he would even say to his Dad, he finds himself back at his old home waiting on the man. Unfortunately, when his father fails to show, Jerel feels his abandonment all over again. He resolves to make this moment the start of his new, happy life.

Kentrell decides to meet his dad for lunch, and it’s clear the emotions are raw and that there is so much built up anger on both ends. The truth is that it’s going to take Kentrell a lot of time to feel this father/ son relationship, but after his Dad’s apology, he agrees to put the past behind him and try to move forward.

The Queer Homecoming
Just days after the announcement of the Elites newest members, Julian and Arthur, the team is headed to their first performance. Kentrell makes sure the team is aware of how important a performance this is. The Queer Homecoming is held at a place where LGBT youth can come to be themselves and feel accepted. Feeling the gravity of the event, Kentrell makes the decision to have Arthur and Julian sit this one out as he doesn’t think they’re ready yet.

Julian’s sweet side shows when he asks Tim to be his homecoming date.

Fresh off her conversation with Lane, and feeling the support of her friends, Tim takes this opportunity to come out as transgender and the team is overjoyed for her!

There is no doubt that this was a positive, moving experience for all of the Elites, including the newest members.

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