The Only Ocean: ‘CUL-DE-SAC’

The only thing better than doing your job is doing it with your best friends…let alone your childhood pals. Meet Wesley Hill, Dustin Whalen, Shae Kakos, and Alex Burdess who are Southern California’s growing beloved Indie Rock band. Get to know the guys from “The Only Ocean” a little better with our Q&A session below then have a listen to their new hit single “CUL-DE-SAC” for our New Music pick of the week!

We know you guys are childhood friends… but how long exactly have you guys known each other?

I’ve been friends with Alex and Shae since I was 11 and I met Dustin at 14, but didn’t really start hanging out with him until I was 16. – Wesley

Is there a story that sticks out since the band has been together? 

Honestly, there are too many that come to mind. We are basically always together so everyday something new happens. – Wesley


What is it about this new single ‘CUL-DE-SAC’ that changes what you guys have done in the past?

It gets to the point. We didn’t want Cul-De-Sac to be a long song. We wanted it to be something that hits you in the face as hard as it can for all 3 minutes and 11 seconds. That was definitely a first for us. We tried to fit a lot of song into such a short amount of time and I think we achieved that. – Wesley

Who are some of your idols in the industry today?

Radiohead, I’m obsessed with how they progressed. From Pablo Honey to A Moon Shaped Pool, it just seemed like they didn’t give a shit and tried whatever they wanted and I’ve always respected that. – Wesley

What does the future look like for The Only Ocean?

Releasing the EP, gigging and trying to get the next step as a band. We are going to be releasing a few music videos in the next few months as well. – Wesley

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