The Blaze: Virile

French electro production duo, The Blaze, have released their spellbinding new video for “Virile” – taken from Bromance Records’ forthcoming compilation “Homieland Vol. II

The Blaze defy time and spread confusion amongst minds with their mesmerising video for “Virile”. Puffs of thick smoke float over their heads, punches thrown, a kiss on the cheek — in tune with heartbeats.  Wild and frenetic, we venture forth on the dance floor before losing control, slowly drifting away by a distant and elusive sound. However, our eyes are captivated by the video where two pals tenderly confront each other, tossing between a cockfight and a courtship ritual.

Producers and directors duo The Blaze have crafted a sound between King Tubby and Art Department, while staying resolutely attached to the critically acclaimed 2014 coming of age film, Girlhood lust for life and the raving mad friendship of 1976 French film, Calmos.

“Homieland Vol II” comes out on Bromance Records this Friday 22nd January.  Click here to pre-order

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