The Best Time For Change is Now

We all have times in our lives when we feel like we’re at a crossroads. Moments when it feels right to take stock and decide whether we’re happy with our lives as they are now. And, if not, decide what changes we are looking for.

When people want change in their life, a classic thing to do is to put it off to a time like New Year. However, if you’re feeling restless or dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, what’s the point in waiting? There’s no reason to delay – the quicker you decide what you need to do differently, and put those changes into motion, the sooner you will feel like your life is in a better place.

Health and Exercise
You may be conscious that your weight has crept up over the last couple of years, and that you’re spending more evenings crashed out on the sofa than you are doing anything else. The combination can contribute to a downward spiral as you feel sluggish and unhealthy.

Take a first step in getting back to better health and fitness. Clear out the junk food in your cupboards and start using a food tracking app such as MyNetDiary, which allows you to include details like a specific weight goal, your body measurements, and dietary requirements. It then provides a daily snapshot of what you’re eating and enables you to track weight loss progress.

Adding incidental exercise to your daily routine is a great way to improve your fitness levels. To take it to the next stage, find an exercise class that times well with a journey back from work. This avoids having to make the extra effort of leaving the house again and exercise can become a part of your commuting routine. If it makes it easier, commit to doing exercise with a friend – that way, you’ll be less inclined to skip classes.

It may be that you’re in a happy relationship and that you don’t want any changes there. However, if you feel that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, then do something about it. Decide if there’s any future in the relationship or if you would both be better off calling it a day and having the possibility of meeting someone new?

Or perhaps you’re single and want to have some romance in your life. In some ways, there’s never been a better time to be single, particularly with the online dating apps that allow you to go through numerous personal profiles in order to find like-minded people – so much easier than going out to pubs and bars and hoping you’ll miraculously meet “the one” by chance. You can take it one step at a time; it’s not just about searching for a life partner. For instance, at Badoo, the app on offer is also a social discovery tool, enabling users to find other people looking to make new social connections, romantic or not, in a local area.

Of course, using a dating app doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find love but it definitely widens up the possibilities of meeting someone and undoubtedly adds an extra dimension to your social life.

How do you feel while you’re getting ready for work in the morning? If you’re eager to get there and get stuck into what your day has to challenge you with, fantastic! Sadly, for many people, this isn’t the case and work is often just a means to an end – the pay packet that you can cover your life tab with.

If you’re not willing to accept this, it’s time to take steps to bring about a change in your career, whether that means working for a promotion or taking the plunge and doing something totally different. In either case, the only person who can bring about this change is you.

Make a start today, whether it’s looking into some ongoing training or asking your manager for more a challenging workload to increase your chances of promotion or revamping your LinkedIn profile and updating your CV. If you’re looking for a career change, spend some time thinking through what kind of work appeals to you most.

With any change in life, the key to making it happen is to make yourself take the first step. By doing so, you’ll set off a chain of events, and even if you’re not sure where they’ll lead to, the important thing is that you’ll be moving off the spot.

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