Taylor Gainor Talks “LIT Method”

LIT Method [Low – Impact – Training] is a group workout class offering low impact training without sacrificing intensity. Whether you are just getting into fitness or looking for an effective way to ease back into a regular workout routine LIT Method might be your best option!

Founded by Taylor Gainor and Justin Norris in 2015, the LIT Method program utilizes a water rowing machine for a low impact cardio experience along with a resistance band training system.The workout is specifically designed to strengthen, empower and correct the body using an intelligent, safe, and effective workout that minimizes the impact on bones and joints while sculpting and strengthening your muscles. LIT is not just a workout it’s a community!

I can easily stay motivated because of the amazing BoltCult community that Justin & I have built. We are firm believers in practicing what we preach, and whether that be teaching class or taking class, I am truly motivated and inspired by our community, says Gainor.

LIT’s overall mantra is “we build you, not break you.” This effective fitness regimen is built to specifically target and isolate each muscle group, while giving you an effective cardio burn and improve core strength, posture, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness, simultaneously. It’s also an excellent workout for lifting your dierre!

I change my body by practicing what I preach! Justin and I try to do a LIT class or LIT KIT workout everyday. Rowing is incredibly low impact on the body & joints, yet somehow makes the cardio burn so real! Another favorite would be working with a bootie band, who doesn’t love to workout the booty?!

Co-founder Taylor Gainor shares more of how she maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle in a recent interview on the Nadia Murdock Fit Blog.

For more information on the LIT Method visit: www.litmethod.com

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