Take Me to Manhattan Beach

You’ve all heard of the ever-famous Santa Monica Beach, Laguna Beach, and Venice Beach, but have you heard of Manhattan Beach? Just a hop, skip and jump away from LAX, you are instantly taken back by the breathtaking views, luxurious streets & homes, dogs galore & so many friendly faces. The beaches are lined with available volleyball nets, swings and a gorgeous pier- who wouldn’t want to go there?

Whether your ideal vacation is being a beach bum, getting some exercise, or trying out new restaurants, Manhattan Beach is the way to go. The beaches are clean and the streets are filled with shops, restaurants and bakeries. Below are some of our favorites from our recent trip!

The Strand House: Words can’t express how much we LOVED this place. Between the picturesque view of the Ocean from our table, to the delicious & unique food & wine- we couldn’t have asked for a better date night spot. The ambiance of this place set the mood for a relaxing and enjoyable dinner, partnered with immaculate service (always a HUGE plus!) We opted to try food that we normally wouldn’t, but so glad we did. Glowing recommendations from the waiter helped us choose, as they did have a menu filled with plentiful options. Check out The Strand House at http://www.thestrandhousemb.com/ & “like” them on facebook at facebook.com/thestrandhouse

Now, we could go on and on about our 1 day trip to MB, and all the amazing things we experienced (take us back!) but we will leave it to a minimal. If you do get the chance to visit, do not forget to stop into Becker’s Bakery for the World’s most delicious cupcakes…and no, I’m not joking! http://www.beckersbakeryanddeli.com/

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