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Vin Chicago has been serving the wine needs of those in the Chicagoland area since 1934. Their name alone says it all — “Vin,” french for wine, is their thing.

With a grand selection of both wine and champagne, the store is divided between Old World (i.e. France, Spain and Italy) and New World (i.e. USA and Australia). While viewing their collection can be any wine lover’s dream, the complexity of wine alone can be quite overwhelming.

The Vin staff evidently recognizes that their visitors’ comfort level with wine varies, which is why they are dedicated to ensuring a wine shopping experience that is as enjoyable, and painless as possible. What better way to learn about wine than to taste it? Visitors are encouraged to participate in tasting events every Saturday and every first Wednesday of the month — featured wines will range in flavor, origin and price. Owner Peter Schwarzbach recognizes people’s hesitation toward purchasing wine and suggests participating in the tasting events to expand both their familiarity and knowledge of wines.

“People need to get comfortable with their palette,” Schwarzbach stated.

Like any family run business, Vin Chicago has two important qualities that will keep you coming back for more — passion and great stories. Not only is there a long history behind the store, there are stories behind each individual wine and any member of their staff is happy to share them. The hospitality at Vin Chicago is certainly worth highlighting. The staff take great time in answering any range of questions. Don’t hesitate to admit you’re a wine novice or even a beginner, many people come in with a menu in mind and ask for wine pairing suggestions. Perusing through the aisles in the store, you find yourself reading write-ups on many of the wines, which provide a detailed, up-to-date story on the flavors and origin of the wine (so helpful!). The write-up will also include a score out of 100. According to the Chicago Manager, Michael Matonte, if Vin Chicago rates a wine as 90 or higher, it is a must-have. It is fair to say that Vin Chicago works to provide their visitors with quality wines, of great character, at reasonable prices.

Whether you are stopping in for a quick visit or have dedicated your day to wine shopping, Vin Chicago should be your go-to store for any and all wine needs.

Full accounts of their wines, history and upcoming events can be found on their website, vinchicago.com. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter for up-to-date information on tastings, sales and the latest releases of wine.

With the upcoming holidays, we challenge you to provide the bottle(s) of wine for any shindig, which will no doubt add a touch of elegance to any event (the host and guests will love you for it!)

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