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Summertime Body Basics with Jameel “WESTROK” Coleman

{break-dance photo credit: Julia Halpin}

It’s officially Summer and the weather isn’t the only thing heating up! You’ve spent the Winter months prepping yourself for these Summer months; to look better and feel better! You may have rocked it in the Winter, but the hard part is keeping it up in the Summer! Temptations are all over the place, not only food and drink-wise, but the temptations to skip your workout and bask in the Summer sun.

Luckily for you (and us!) we’ve teamed up with to bring you amazing Fitness Friday Features!

What is Qinetic?

“Qinetic is a health and fitness community where you can find trusted information, people, and brands all relevant to you. We wanted to create a place where enthusiasts, professionals, and brands can all come together to inspire, discover, and share information around the active aspect of their lives.

Qinetic’s Mission: To be that one place you go to for reliable information and motivation for a healthier day.”

We had the honor to get the inside scoop from Jameel “WESTROK” Coleman, the featured strength and conditioning coach on, and the inventor/engineer of ROK FORCE FUSION training.

Get to know Jameel “WESTROK” Coleman:

“WESTROK’s method of coaching is very unorthodox combining total body movement derived from his Break-dance skill, functional training patterns, explosive exercise (Olympic lifting to Kettle bell work), and balancing it all with breathing techniques utilizing basic meditation practices. WESTROK believes the true wealth of an individual is the health that is maintained mentally, physically, and spiritually daily. When working 1-on-1, in a group setting, or just consulting, WESTROK helps individuals to focus their energy on setting goals and knocking them out!! He is proud that in his 12 years as a strength and conditioning coach and 22 years as a professional break-dancer he has been able to inspire people using break dancing movements to become stronger which was a driving factor for wanting to coach. You can find WESTROK on 7 days a week sharing his coaching methods, training at some of NYC top rated personal training facilities or hosting his annual break dance competition BBOYULTIMATUM.”

It’s our honor to present to you, Summertime Body Basics, straight from Jameel himself! We hope you take these 10 steps into consideration during these hot months, we know your body will thank you! Don’t forget to join Qinetic today & follow Jameel for daily tips & tricks!


“During the summer people want to look their best while wearing less so here are some pointers from WESTROK THAT WILL KEEP THAT ASS WHIPPED!!!

1. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Stop doing the same routine day in and day out. Do something interesting and keep it exciting. The basics for keeping your routine on its toes is changing the rest period, repetition count, and number of sets. The next level would be the movement, try to get your body to move in ways you haven’t move before. The body strength and tone adapts to the movement, so you want a body that is like a ripple of muscles from your toes to your head, you have to move every part of your body.

2) GET OUT OF THE HOUSE: During the summertime the body naturally adapts to the heat and tunes in to be lean. Heat helps you to burn more calories!! You can easily burn some calories by getting from under the air condition. Walk more, while it is beautiful outside and take advantage to keep tightening that summer body.

3) TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: Many people are socially overwhelmed during the summertime trying to make up for all the lost partying during the winter. Listen, don’t push it! It’s important to have time for yourself. Hormonal imbalances happen from high level of stress, in return softening up that tight summer body. Stress from over extending yourself for holiday event planning, family visits, work events, social drinking, socializing, and the beach grind can be exhausting. Every day of the week make sure you find a quiet place for yourself away from everything and do absolutely nothing, for at least 20minutes. Don’t worry; I give you permission, do it!!

4) RELAX ON ALL THE BREWSKIS: OK, I really try to hit people where it hurts!! Stop the frequent drinking. I know more people at the end of the summer trying to get fit from all of the drinking that had taken place over the summer then my clients who want to get fit for the beginning of the summer!!!! Come on we are all adults (I hope) and drinking in moderation is fine, but if you find yourself having “a few” drinks every night, regardless if its rosé or bud light it will throw off your tight ASS AND GUT. Not only does alcohol totally demolish your bodies system of recovery which is the main component of builds muscle, it dehydrates you causing your body to retain whatever liquid it has. THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A FORMULA FOR A SUMMERTIME HOTTIE… I mean body.

5) SLEEP: So you are working less, partying more and globetrotting. You are on doing ROK FORCE FUSION training hard with WESTROK 7 days a week, along with some Crossfit, Zumba, and you are looking good. When are you sleeping? If you can make sure to get 6-7 hours of sleep per night not only will it allow for you to have more energy than yesterday you will also be able to help the muscle growth and overall body tone, builds stamina, and kills off daytime fatigue.

6) GET IN THE OCEAN WATER: Not only swimming in the ocean can strengthen your circulatory system, heart, capillaries, arteries, vein, and overall strength there are other beneficial factors. Living in NYC has given me the opportunity to discover the invigorating ocean
and its benefits. The benefit includes the minerals, specifically the magnesium which help
hydrate and improve the appearance of your skin, relaxes muscles, and the sounds of the
waves are therapeutic, reducing stress and helping induce sleep. So planning a trip to the
beach is day 1 of our training program, enjoy.

7) LIFT SOME HEAVY WEIGHT: This is a basic, SQUAT, PRESS, DEADLIFT, and RUN FAST. You need to put some weight on a bar and do the exercises like a BRUTE!! Stop jogging and do some sprint intervals…up a hill!!! If you want to help your summertime metabolism and make some big change, work those major muscles. Work harder than you have ever worked and this goes back to rule 1; CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!!

8) SET SOME GOALS: I always recommend that an individual have 1 main goal for the year and 3 minor goals to achieve every 6-10 weeks to reach the main goal. This allows for you to keep your eye on the prize, especially with all the summertime distractions. You make no excuses about what you want; your next move is to find a plan.

9) GET INFORMATION: Staying in great shape and knowing what to do is really about the information that you have. Make sure that you are not guessing!! Look to fitness professional or coach to help you to plan what is the best type of work for you. Set a weekly plan to get consistent results, not only during the summertime but all year round. Yes, it feels good have a hot body in a bikini or Speedo, but it’s even better when you have optimal health to remain for a life time. Making overall fitness and wellness a main component in your life.

10) GET ON QINETIC.COM TODAY: What more can I say? I will be seeing you soon!!!”

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