Stephanie Simons: Lady of Summer

LBD: ✔
Perfect Summer Bikini: ✔
Skinny Cocktail: ✔
Summer Read: Still missing it? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!

Allow us to introduce you to “All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe.”

“The first dating rulebook for fashion lovers! All’s Fair In Love And Wardrobe puts a uniquely glamorous spin on shopping for love, offering pearls of wisdom from a venerable fashion editor. Who better to help you avoid expensive mistakes and resist wayward temptation?

This hilarious little guide covers everything from The Bra Code to the etiquette of chatting up a living mannequin. By the time your nail polish is dry, you’ll also learn to:

*Give your love life a makeover
*Prevent first date faux pas
*Pack for a proper getaway (as in, getaway from a creeper…fast!)
*Communicate effectively with the right statement pieces
*Write a lipstick letter like you mean it…and more!

Consider this book your front row seat to the antics of the modern man. Featuring 100+ rules on shopping for love, eye candy fashion illustrations, and a standard Curate-A-Date application for weeding out ill-fitting duds and heartbreaking heels.”

Behind the clever, witty and uber charming humor in the book is an even more charming person, Miss Stephanie Simons. Meet Stephanie Simons; author, fashion journalist, editorial strategist and consultant, former beauty queen, and your new best friend.

Binge Magazine: Girls are too quick to “give up” on love–you recently told Confetti Toss that you are an “incurable romantic.” What keeps your romantic bug ticking?

Stephanie Simons: Yes! It’s exactly that—a “bug.” One you’ve been bitten, you know how it’s supposed to feel. And once you know how it’s supposed to feel, there’s no giving up. But I don’t think any woman ever really gives up. She might swear off men forever over cocktails, or cancel her Match subscription because she’d rather buy shoes, but inside there’s always hope for a love like Allie and Noah [of The Notebook].

Modern dating is kind of a mess, but it should never be taken so seriously—or so personally—that you ever want to “quit.” It’s imperative that every woman know the difference between a bruised ego and a broken heart. The way I see it, if only a third of your dates are bad, and you can laugh things off, you’re ahead of the game.

There are a ton of weirdos out there who drive windowless vans, but there are also plenty of Mr. Wonderfuls. One thing is for certain: The “broken road” that led you to him will be a blessing in hindsight (um yea, sometimes I quote Rascal Flatts).

BM: Let’s be serious…our readers want to be your BFF! We know you were once a contestant on the Bachelor Paris season with Dr. Travis Stork…do you still watch the show?

SS: These days I only know what’s going on in Bachelorland if I see reunion photos in someone’s Facebook feed or catch the cover of US Weekly in the checkout line. It’s all hilarity to me.

Knowing what really goes on behind the scenes, I haven’t been able to watch the show since I’ve been on it (it would be like waiting for Santa to shoot down the chimney after finding out he’s not real). Long-stemmed roses and nasal congestion commercials [starring Stork] have kind of lost their luster too. I still have a bottle of French wine from Travis that I haven’t opened yet. I must be saving it for a truly magnificent occasion, or maybe I’m scared it’s poisoned.

BM: One quality you need in a partner?

SS: A sense of humor. Preferably if it’s a little on the crazy side. I’m also strangely turned on by a man who can spell and whose definition of “5 minutes” (as in “I’m running 5 minutes late”) is accurate. For most guys, 5 actually means 20 so you have to mentally tack on that extra 15 to be on the same page. You know what else would be AMAZING? Someone who would go country line dancing with me. I’ve always wanted to do that. That’s probably a lot to ask from one person.

BM: One you cannot stand?

SS: Someone without any creativity or originality. As in—the guy who calls all of his exes the same pet name and takes them to all of the same spots. Is it too much to ask to create our own history together?

BM: You’re clearly a gem…you seem to have a crazy intense background of work/life/fun stuff you have done and accomplished. What inspires your fearlessness?

SS: Being fearless is a win-win. If you get what you want, it’s great. And if you don’t, it’s a great story. It helps to have parents who have supported my every whim and want along the way. They never nag me about anything, not even about having grandchildren. They are truly remarkable parentals.

BM: What’s your favorite date-night style?

SS: Perfectly snug denim, a cashmere sweater pulled off one shoulder and heels. And a soapy-musky perfume that honestly makes me want to make out with myself (one to try: Prada Infusion D’Iris).

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