Sophia Bush: A Breathe of Fresh Air

If you live in Chicago (or anywhere, really) chances are you’ve come to love the police drama Chicago PD and the talent behind the characters who inspire a new wave of celebrity. They’re friends outside of work, support each other in life, and are always willing to share fun photos with their fans- making them as likable as your real life friends.

Thanks to Michigan Avenue Magazine, they’ve highlighted the always stunning Sophia Bush who plays Detective Erin Lindsay, a character who’s hard not to love. With striking green eyes that tell stories for days, Sophia has always been an admirable talent- she constantly embarks on journeys that her fans can learn from, and shares simple yet powerful messages through her social media platforms. It’s safe to say she’s doing celebrity the right way, and we are thrilled to share with you the amazing feature from Michigan Avenue Magazine. (Click link for full interview)

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