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Snap Chat with Orlando Oliveira

I’m Orlando Oliveira. I’m a life style photographer who loves to photograph weddings and events.

Photography By Orlando began back in 2007 a few years after i first got into photography as a hobby. I worked in the corporate world for several years until my addiction to photography took over and I knew that I wanted to do what i love to do the most and thats to document special moments in time with my camera.  Our studio went from a one man team consisting of just me too a total of 5 photographers and 4 cinematographers we shoot about 100 events a year as well as get to travel all over the world to document destination weddings, I literally wake up feeling like the luckiest guy on earth and love what I do!

I chose to get into weddings because it’s arguably one of the most important days of a persons life. I knew I wanted to photograph something that matters, something that was real and something that generations of people would enjoy looking at for years. It’s a moment in a persons life where they are so happy and alive and they go through so many emotions and feelings and we have the privilege of being a part of that day and documenting all those feelings through our lenses.  we just love it!

BINGE: What made you want to do engagement/wedding photography?

Orlando: I like to get to know the couples we work with this is what helps me most with coming up with unique ideas. I love to take the couples personalities and feed off of there energy. We like to know what they are into and what they do for fun once I get a good sense of who they are and what they are into I quickly come up with some ideas for images that are unique to the couple.  we have done shoots in movie theaters and coffee shops to zoos and stadiums!  We treat every couple different and we want there images to be unique to who they are as a couple.

BINGE: Where do you turn to for inspiration on different types of pictures?

Orlando: I find inspiration every where! it can be from a scene in a movie or a music video or a magazine. I subscribe to at least a dozen different magazines from several different industries and love to look at all type of images. It’s important to stay fresh and up to date on whats going on in the world.

BINGE: What is your favorite season to photograph in? Do you prefer inside or outside?

Orlando: I love to photograph in all the seasons!  They each have it’s own look and  advantages weather I am shooting on a gorgeous summer day or I am shooting on the gorgeous foliage of the fall it’s all fun to me!  I even love to shoot in the snow!  as for indoor or outdoor shooting again I love both we have done shoots at several professional stadiums, on beaches in aruba or Dominican republic to times square,  all gorgeous out door locations but then we also have done some amazing shoots in train stations, museums and ware houses, rooftops in NYC etc.  We love to do both!  I do however like to use as much natural light as possible!  We always look for the light.

BINGE: What is some advice you would give to someone who wants to be as successful in this industry as you are?

Orlando: When it comes to advice to anyone who is starting their own business I always give the same advice and ask them one question.  The question is “how many hours of sleep do you get?” If they answer 8-7 or 6 hours I tell them sleep less work more!   When I first started my business I sleep an average of 4-5 hours a day!  I tell them you have to want it so bad that you look at sleep as something that gets in the way of your goal and dream.  I wanted it so bad that I would stay up for hours and hours doing as much research as I could and conditioning my mind that nothing was going to get in the way of me creating a great business.  The second piece of advice I would give is Read, Read, Read.  There are tons of motivational books out there that are full of amazing stories and advice that will keep you motivated and driven. and the last piece of advice would be invest in yourself!  take classes attend seminars and learn from others who have done it before you!

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