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Sevier Crespo: “Pendejo”

By: Jessica Vacco

“We are all human beings on planet earth. Let’s do things for mankind. I’m in the middle, I can relate to both sides. To me, we’re just people. When it comes to racism of any sort, I don’t see the point, I get defensive. I know what it feels like to be alienated. I’ve had people make me feel crappy. Why would anyone want to make someone feel that way? We are all equals.” –Sevier Crespo

Sevier Crespo, producer and actor, is a native of Puerto Rico, he moved to the United States at the young age of six. “When I moved from Puerto Rico, I spoke zero English. My parents used to speak in English when they didn’t want us to know what they were talking about,” recalls Crespo. “My dad had Richard Pryor and Beatles records, which I use to listen to nonstop, and then it was Eddie Murphy “Raw” and Michael Jackson records. I used to have Eddie Murphy “Raw” at one point memorized, ha ha, which I guess explains my sailor mouth!” jokes Crespo. He remembers thinking “I’m moving to the United States, I’m going to become a major league baseball player!” Although he thought that at a young age, he ended up on a journey to becoming a very successful producer and actor, Crespo’s baseball mindset has made him a team player in his career, and has helped him gain respect and notability. Crespo has worked on many different projects such as music videos for Green Day, national commercials for major brands such as Marlboro and Mitsubishi and has also had the opportunity to work with Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer.

His latest project “Pendejo” is a movie that he says is “completely different from the normal.” Pendejo is a comedy about a spoiled young man forced to work as a janitor at his father’s company, or else he will lose his inheritance. The movie goes through the notions of adapting his new environment while also finding love on the way. “Working on this movie was so refreshing and warm, not only was the script impressive, but it’s awesome to see the different cultures combining.” He explains that it was written and directed by an Indian man, and he wrote an “all Latin film,” “how cool is that?” says Sevier. He speaks nothing but praise for everyone who worked on this film by saying “it was so fascinating to see their dynamic every single day. It was inspiring. I loved how genuine everyone was on set.” He also explains what he was most proud of when it comes to this project “It says a lot about the people from top to bottom. This is their team. I love how aware everyone is becoming of the Latin culture; it is almost second nature that everyone speaks two languages. I love the diversity, it is our culture. The Latin community is so big; I love to see people embracing it.”

When asked about his work as an actor he tells us “I pursue it just as much, it’s my passion just like producing. They are two separate parts of the brain and sometimes they come together. The amazing thing is when people say you have to pick one. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. Why? Because I said so. I started a new web series, I funded it myself, and I get to act. I would get bored if I only did one thing. As a producer you get to understand how to deal with everyone, and you learn professionalism as an actor. I think that is something that lacks in the industry. You are going to come across a lot of talented people, but you have to talk to them. You need to find out what kind of person they are, 13-14 hr days is tough, on top of fun and exciting. I think that’s what is key in a good actor, to know set etiquette, and it helps when you understand from both sides.

Above his work as a producer and actor, Sevier is himself, an inspiring person. In today’s society we see a lot of greedy, ungrateful people working to just be better than everyone else, he is just working to be the best he can be and he continues to better himself as an actor and producer to achieve all of his dreams. “When I would tell people that I wanted to be an actor, the general assumption is struggling. People would say what else do you want to do? You just want to struggle all of your life? But then I also got some good advice, I was once told “To be an actor, producer, or creative artist of any type you have to be just as committed as a doctor or lawyer is. You have to constantly keep yourself up to date. You wouldn’t go see a doctor who isn’t up to date, right? Keep learning. You have to work just as hard. Just like any major profession out there, you have to stand by that commitment.” The more I work, the more that is true. Whatever you are doing…be committed to it. Just like baseball. I view it as; I have to give it my all. It’s a game; you have to know the rules of the game, you have to know and accept pros and cons of the game you choose to play,” shares Crespo.

Please visit and for more information on “Pendejo” and on Sevier. We here at Binge Magazine  know that this is just the start of an amazing career for Sevier and we wish him the best of luck on his endeavors! Check back for future updates on his work.


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