Scary Wine Habits to Avoid During Halloween Entertaining

We love a good celebration … and a great red wine! But the fear of spilling can be enough to spook us out of enjoying our ONEHOPE California Merlot.

But don’t fear … this year Mari is here!

In preparation for Day of the Dead and Halloween festivities, ONEHOPE’s Director of Wine, Mari Coyle, has offered the most common “scary” wine habits and how your readers can avoid them:

Bibbity, Bobbity, Brr – Missing a chill in your wine? An ice bucket is the best way to cool your bottle. You can add ice to your glass, but remember it will slightly dilute flavor.

Funny Bones – When your cork cracks like a skeleton, push it into the bottle of wine and filter the wine into the glass with a mesh screen from your kitchen.

Vamp It Up – Red wine doesn’t have to look like blood-spilling mess when dropped. Use wine away or treat the stain with oxyclean, then promptly launder.

Spook-away Spiders – Is an open bottle collecting cobwebs? Most wines can be open for two to three days until they lose freshness. Hack: use it for Sangria to create a wine cocktail!

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