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{Image Credit: Jennifer Avello}

Chicago is filled with a lot of talented & unique artists, many that go most of their career unnoticed. Tonight, I am beyond honored to share with you one of them. A woman who has fought her way to success, and in the midst of the crazy industry, has remained true and humble to herself, and her city of Chicago. Allow me to introduce to you, , Miss Sashé Taylor, a soulful, determined and mega talented young artist.

“I know bio’s can be long so I will keep this short. I started in the industry at the age of 10 years old. My uncle and a man named Jim Tullio gave me that start. Jim wrote songs for me, and due to my unique vibe and sound, Ron Alexenburg was interested in signing me over, as well as Lou Pearlmen for management. In a blink of an eye I knew my life could change, but it faded quickly. I ended up finishing grade school and high school, heavily training in dancing and singing. I never knew what happened to all that excitement until I found out later that my parents said ‘no’ to the fast life and said ‘yes’ to a normal life. I then went to college and flew back and fourth to Detroit getting into studios; writing, recording, and growing. After college, I stopped my Detroit gypsy life, and came back to Chicago in search of a new producer and a new start in this industry all over again. I started recording with “Oh Hush” from Atlantic and Warner Chapel. We did a collaboration and wrote the EP ‘Dare you To Love Me.’ From there I have sang at some of the top nightclubs in Chicago, local bars, headlined the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade, did a 15 city 2 month tour in China, and just recently did a music video. Now I am back at it again, working on my first full record with the man who gave me my start, Jim Tullio. Life works in mysterious ways & throughout this journey much has happened to make me the individual I am today. I have tried to get involved as much as I can in film, acting, and dancing as well. Which can even more explain the skills I want to master with my craft. It’s a crazy ride of good and bad, many disappointments, and living a life of a lot of unknown. I have worn many hats in both my career path, and my personal self. I knew when I was young that I couldn’t settle for the same life I knew everyone else was going to live, I wanted to impact the world and be a voice in a positive way. It’s a choice to live this sort of lifestyle, a few different jobs on top of your passion, but its worth it when you get there… so one day… I hope to get there.”-Sashé Taylor


BM: What has been your career highlight so far?

ST: Doing a 15 city 2 month tour in China at all the top Nightclubs. We went out there blind folded, and came back as one of their top group acts. I headlined as the singer, and then 4 of my guy friends were the kick ass dancers ;). I can’t even explain the experience, other than saying surreal.

BM: What are your Sashé Taylor goals?

ST: My goals change and evolve depending on where I am in my life. My current goal is to finish this blues record with Jim, and show people this cool unique side to contemporary blues music and to myself. The story and journey behind this record is so great! And I can’t wait to share it and push it! I also want to evolve into a multi talented individual. I have danced, sang, and entertained my whole life, I am so ready to show people that, but it’s all about having the right team behind you and big supporters and believers in your work and you.

BM: What current projects are you working on?

ST: I am currently changing things up and I love every minute of it! I am working on a blues record with the incredible producer/writer Jim Tullio. I am also in, drum roll… in Dee Snider’s Broadway Musical “Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas.” I am so incredibly blessed for this opportunity and just excited to expand and grow and use all my skills on one stage. I am also pretty excited to release my first music video “Dare You To Love Me.” It is such a stellar song, and the video was so much fun, I can’t wait for people to see it!

BM: What’s unique about the Sashe Taylor “brand?”

ST: Two words: Gypsy Queen. I am that Saucy Minx that wants to rock your world but also someone who is very soulful and deep rooted. It’s a mix of living free, yet staying classy and true to me. Anything I do, I try to have the most fun, get creative, but always keep to my roots and my own style. I don’t want to sound like everyone out there. I want to sound like me. J

BM: Money is a funny thing…if it weren’t an object, where do you think you would be career-wise? How would you do things differently?

ST: This is probably the most costly industry you could EVER get into. It is a lot of cash out, with little return at the beginning. Hence the term “starving artist.” That term has many meanings. If money was not an object, I would do a few things but first, I would want the best manager and a stellar positive team. That is hard to find. Managing yourself is very difficult too. That would be first, from there I would love to make more records, get a big tour together, and then on the side be able to make amazing music videos come to life! I am an entertainer, if people were able to see what I could do and what I can create, I think they would highly enjoy it! J I live to see people smile, to see people escape their worries. I know in my soul its my purpose on this earth to do that, no matter how small or large on the scale it is. I am ready to be Chicago’s Gypsy Blues Queen… and I hope they can join me on this journey!

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