Saint PHNX: Reload

‘Reload’, the first song the exciting duo have shared is filled with soaring hooks and an anthemic chorus and has already picked up a wealth of support from BBC Introducing. The single, written and co-produced by the talented brothers is accompanied by inspired visual creative direction courtesy of Davy Evans (The xx, Jamie xx, salute, Fryars).

On the inspiration for Reload, frontman Stevie comments,

“Reload was inspired by man’s inherent addiction to tribalism and conflict. History has shown us that in any given period there has always been conflict and it seems to us that we never learn from our mistakes, we just reload. This message is as important today as ever with all the unsurety in the world and our visuals represents just that.”

The self-produced video for Reload, includes live performance shots in a warehouse near to the brothers house, bathed in a camo green light, and pulls clips from historical war footage, including a topical and parody cameo from the notorious Donald Trump.

Saint PHNX are two brothers – vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Stevie Jukes and drummer Alan Jukes. Hailing from Wishaw, an industrial town in the outskirts of Glasgow, the duo display an innate skill for engaging songwriting and are in the process of writing and recording their powerful debut album in a self built studio on the top floor of a Scottish Trade Union building.

Stevie and Alan have played in bands together since their early teens, learning their craft and hitting success with sold out 1500 cap shows and playing several big festivals along the way. Saint PHNX is where they both feel their journey begins. Stevie comments,

“Saint PHNX happened naturally during the creative process of writing new records. It all clicked into place and we just continued spending more and more time on the project. It feels great.”

There is a palpable enthusiasm for their new project and this excitement has already transcended into the sync world with music supervisors selecting the Saint PHNX’s unreleased song ‘King’ for the coveted end credits of the season opener for the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Europa League Final, creating hype around the band before formally releasing a record.

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