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ReXist360: Resistance Training- Get Results

There are several reasons people can’t make it to the gym; traveling, working, kids, etc. So, what if I tell you our featured product of the day can be EASILY taken anywhere? That’s right! The ReXist360 resistance bands are compact enough to literally take anywhere, and store anywhere. All the effectiveness without taking up very much room! Did I mention we have THREE sets of bands to give away?! Check out our facebook to find out how!

On top of achieving your ideal outside appearance, it’s just as important to workout in order to factor in things like, endurance, strength and speed. The ReXist360 bands were created for athletes and non-athletes, alike, to increase those three key factors. Without using additional weights, the bands also work to increase agility.

The ReXist360 power bands come in multiple resistance grades. They have the ability to scale up or down while walking, running, training, and you can even use them in conjunction with your current fitness program. The technology behind these bands provides users that extra push to deliver positive results, and help you achieve your ideal body. Easy to assemble, the bands give users exceptional flexibility when it comes to traveling and exercising on the go. They are designed to help intensify workouts without adding any unwanted pressure to the back, knee and ankle joints, which are very common injury areas. These bands have easily become one of our favorite exercise items!

Have two minutes? Check out this very quick mini workout promo video!
“Getting started first thing in the morning when traveling on the road, doesn’t have to be in the hotel gym! This three-part workout takes only 20 minutes and will tone you in all the right places. Never miss a workout on the road again! Exercising during business or pleasure traveling doesn’t have to feel like work. Be your best mentally and physically with your Rexist 360 Training Bands and the workout below! Hotel Rooms are for more than just sleeping! Rexist 360 Master Trainer and NYC Fitness Guru Shay Kostabi created this workout for you to do in the privacy of your hotel room – your bed and the open space in front of or beside your hotel bed provides the perfect space to get fit!”

Not convinced yet? Take a look at some key components of ReXist360!

– Lightweight and easy to pack and go
– Different levels of resistance for training of every kind
– The best alternative to plastic – made of soft material that doesn’t cut and bang on the muscles
– Give you the same results as high-impact exercises that beat up your joints and ligaments
– Even distribution of weight burns muscles evenly (no other product on market does this)
– Use them at home, at your desk or in the gym
– Get the lower body you’ve always dreamed of and the cardio you need at the same time!

Ready for an instructional workout? Check it out here & head to social media to enter to WIN!! This product is worth vying for!

1. Standing: Alternating Parallel Lunges – Starting with feet together, step forward with your right foot, far enough that you can bend both knees to perfect 90 degree angles with the back knee 1-2 inches from the floor. Push off the right foot to return to standing position and switch the left foot. (12 Alternating reps)
2. Bridge Pose: Lie on back and raise and lower torso, rolling through the spine and engaging gluts at the top to warm up. Dip, then extend on leg up to a 90 degree angle, drop butt down, 45 degree angle pushing leg out to the side and then and back up to 90 degree angle. (10 on each side)
3. Glut Heel Press: Lying flat on your stomach crossing forearms one over the over and resting your forehead on the back of your hands, bend knees and push heels together with feet flexed. Engage gluts and lift thighs off of the floor pressing heels up toward the ceiling. (20 reps)
4. Lateral Lunges: line yourself up with one end of your mat lengthwise. Start with feet together and extend your right leg out to the side and bend right knee, dropping into a side lunge and keeping the left leg long and straight. Press off the right foot to return to standing and repeat. (use your mat as a guide to stand tall and push and extend to the end of the mat). (10 reps on each side)
5. Ab work: 90 Degree Leg Extender – Lie on your back, pressing your spine into the mat, tuck hands and fingers under your seat and the base of your spine, extend legs up to 90 degrees and drop them all the way down, 1-2 inches off the floor, then open at the bottom, close and return back to a 90 degree angle. (10 reps).

Listen to your body, and know when you are in a good place to push yourself and when to take a mini-break. Drink lots of water and sweat your heart out – the shower is just a few feet away! Committing to life choices such as a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and enough exercise, will further help you achieve your business and personal goals.

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