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Sometimes when you take a step back and realize everything you have been blessed with, you start to cherish it a little more, you become inspired by the things around you.- Rebecca Broxterman

Binge Magazine was created with passion to inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and fields. Binge Fitness Week was created with the intent to push that dream forward by inspiring readers to be more consciously active of their health in the aspect of mental and physical fitness. It’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to Rebecca Broxterman, a positive influence of fitness, fun and dedication.


Have you always been interested in fitness? When/how did you decide to make it your career?

This is an interesting question for me. I have not always been interested in ‘fitness’, however I have always been interested in taking care of myself through my health and lifestyle. When I was 22, I moved to Los Angeles and started working out consistently and in doing so, I was surrounded by people that wanted to change their lives but didn’t seem to know how. And all I wanted to do was help them, so that is when I decided to make it a career.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

There are several enjoyable parts about my job but I would say my absolute favorite is the trust that my clients have in me. It takes a lot to basically put your life in someone else’s hands and that is exactly what they are doing on a daily basis. They trust me and they trust the process.

What is your advice for readers who would like to make fitness more than just a hobby?

My advice would be to truly make sure it is something that you are passionate about and not just something that looks like ‘easy money’. Everyone is always saying things like, ‘anyone can be a trainer or anyone can get certified’. In reality, someone else is trusting you to make them a better person physically and sometimes even mentally. A lot goes into training and being there for your clients. You have to make sure that you are 100% ready to take that on.

What is your favorite way to workout? (hiking, at the gym, running, etc.)

Go outside! Do I workout in the gym? Absolutely! But I try to mix it up as much as I can. I am the type of person that likes to seclude myself from the outside world when I am working out. No distractions. Whether this means doing yoga on the beach, running a beautiful trail or hitting the weights at the gym. Be in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Whatever it is that you may be dealing with or struggling with, let go of it during your workout and be present.

What has been your biggest accomplishment within the fitness world? Both personally and professionally?

Personally, I saw my mother struggle with her weight for the first 23 years of my life. She found comfort in food and didn’t know how to fix that. After many years, she committed to getting better. The reason I say ‘getting better’ instead of losing weight is simply because it was way beyond just her weight loss. She was changing her lifestyle to not only look better but to feel better, have more energy and gain the strength to overcome her struggles that she had been dealing with for many years. To this day, my beautiful mother has lost 140 pounds! So proud of her.

Professionally, I went from having the, ‘anyone can be a trainer so I might as well try it’ attitude to being so happy with myself with how far I have come professionally. I worked for a corporate gym for 3.5 years that didn’t really satisfy and fulfill my sense of happiness career wise. I knew I could do more. I now hold 6 certifications and am a celebrity trainer while still keeping up with my wonderful clients that have been kicking ass(can I say that?) for years! I also get the privilege to speak to young girls about the importance of their health and fitness. I also started my own tshirt brand that is all about being inspired by the people and the things around you and passing that on to others.

You’re active in helping people get inspired, how do you, yourself, stay inspired? Do you have tips for our readers on finding the inspiration within themselves?

This question to me holds a special place in my heart. Just the word INSPIRE has so much meaning behind it and I truly think everything stems from being inspired. Sometimes when you take a step back and realize everything you have been blessed with, you start to cherish it a little more, you become inspired by the things around you. I stay inspired by continuing to focus on the good around me and have the mentality of what some say would be a ‘dreamer mentality’ and I’m okay with that. My tips for others that want to find that inspiration that seems to be hiding is to never compare. Never compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and if you continue to compare yourself to others you will constantly always be stuck with that ‘want’ which is, in no way, healthy. Wanting is something

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