Qinetic Live: Livestreaming High-End Fitness Classes

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You may remember our Fitness Friday posts with Ben Hart of Qinetic Live, if not, check it them out here.

We’re teaming up with the incredible minds and talent behind Qinetic Live to bring you fitness content and videos that you can binge on. From here on out…no excuses! Read below to find out more about Qinetic Live and get acquainted with the faces behind Qinetic.

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While you’re at it, head to Qinetic.com and check out the schedule of FREE Fitness Classes that you can livestream. No need to leave your house on a cold weekend, grab your water bottle and “head” to class…in your living room!

Qinetic, the health and fitness social platform, has recently launched a new feature to its service, which includes live streaming workouts hosted by top health and fitness professionals. Qinetic is now offering high quality, time efficient classes in the comfort of their own home that are free of charge and available on demand.

Offered at various times during the week, Qinetic will not only provide engaging workouts, but also informative nutrition segments and motivational talks. Qinetic’s live-streaming classes will focus on a variety of topics such as strength and conditioning, yoga, dance fitness, and nutrition segments from some of the best faces in the industry, making it both versatile and largely appealing to a wide range of men and women.

“We wanted to eliminate all the excuses we give ourselves about why it’s okay not to workout. Whether its lack of time not being able to find classes that meet your needs, we want to make it easier to live a healthier and more fulfilled life,” say Ben Hart, CEO and co-founder.

Qinetic has tapped some of the top names in fitness including Isaac Calpito and Shay Kostabi, among others to lead these online workouts. Isaac, celebrity personal trainer, choreographer, and Broadway veteran specializes in bringing you a fun fat burning experience with a twist of entertainment. Shay, a Bi-costal fitness instructor, trainer, and personality, brings an “express” style conditioning class for all levels to the table.

Creating amazing things with amazing people has been the cornerstone of this company and platform we continue to build upon. Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is about dedication and having fun; that’s what Qinetic represents. Our team and coaches are so committed to providing everyone with the best, and that’s exactly what we are doing.” Says Hart

About Qinetic.com
At Qinetic, we want to make healthy living easier and more efficient by providing great quality content from some of the best faces in the industry. Qinetic live streaming allows users to experience real time workout classes with our top-ranked coaches and trainers. Our classes consist of a mix of unique fitness workouts, nutrition segments, and motivational talks that can be viewed right from the comfort of your own home and at no cost. With a variety of classes hosted at various times throughout the week, finding a class to fit your schedule is seamless, and with our “on-demand” feature, you never have to miss a class! We understand leading a healthy lifestyle has its challenges. With Qinetic Live; everyone is given the opportunity to meet their fitness goals. We’ve eliminated your excuses for not making it to the gym. Turn on, tune in, and stay great.

Ariel Shepley-McTaggart, Women’s Fitness Qinetic coach, was a leading face of top DVD series ‘Insanity’. Ariel is currently an elite fitness coach and dancer in New York City. Follow her on Qinetic at @arielfitness

JAMEEL “WESTROK” COLEMAN, Men’s Fitness and Motivation Qinetic Coach, is a strength and fitness coach in New York City with over 20 years of experience. Jameel has a passion for breakdancing and teaches beginners to advanced bboy’s. Jameel owns and operates B-Boy Ultimatum, a breakdancing company based out of New York City. Follow him on Qinetic at @WESTROKTIGHT

Kat Fowler, Qinetic Yoga Coach and Previously the directing teacher of two yoga studios, Kat is currently based teaching in New York City and leads workshops all over the US. Kat’s teaching methodology is grounded in the true knowledge of the yoga practice that comes from a life time of personal experience. Follow her on Qinetic at @katfowleryoga

Patrick Fratellone MD RH AHG FIM FACC, Holistic Qinetic Coach, is former Chief of Medicine and Director of Cardiology at the Atkins Center. Dr. Fratellone is the owner of Fratellone Medical, a very successful holistic practice in New York City. Follow him on Qinetic at @FratMD

The Nutrition Twins Lakatos, (The Nutrition Twins®) are twin sisters, nationally recognized registered dietitians and personal trainers with 15 years of experience helping thousands to boost their energy naturally, get healthier, happier and into tip-top shape. Through their books, media appearances, nutrition counseling, lectures and blogs, they’ve built a brand that empowers people to take charge of their health and make changes that last a life-time. The duo is the authors of Fire Up Your Metabolism, The Secret To Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat and The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure: Expert Advice and Tantalizing Recipes for Health, Energy and Beauty, due out in January 2014. Tammy and Lyssie live in New York City where they enjoy running and biking to keep fit as well as chasing after Tammy’s twin daughters. Follow them on Qinetic at @nutritiontwins

Shay Kostabi (ACE personal trainer and AFFA group fitness certified) is a fitness professional and personality in NYC. She is a Master trainer for both Flybarre at Flywheel Sports and ReXist360 training systems. Shay’s methods focus on crafting strength and grace in her clients through the use of movement and music. Shay’s fitness philosophy emphasizes that is movement should be both functional and beautiful. Follow her on Qinetic at @shaykostabi

Stephanie Lauren is an elite fitness athlete and the founder of PLYOGA (R) (www.PLYOGAFitness.com). As a former 2 sport, NCAA Division I competitor and current Track & Field Record Holder, she uses her expertise to nurture the “Inner Athlete” in others. Stephanie is a continuing education provider for 3 of North America’s largest fitness organizations, an ANBF Physique & Figure Pro, and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for USAG Gymnastics Competitors.

Isaac Calpito, is the Dance/Fitness Coach for Qinetic. As a Broadway performer, choreographer & celebrity trainer, Isaac has created a unique brand of fitness that not only “assassinates fat”, but also creates internal heat by using body resistance, vigorous targeted repetition & dance cardio to create an agile, lithe and powerful physique. A YogaWorks certified instructor and avid macrobiotic vegan, Isaac’s philosophy on life is a passionate commitment to health, fitness & nutrition. Follow him on Qinetic at @Isaacboots

Jonathan L. Glashow, M.D. , P.C., Sports Medicine Qinetic Coach, is the Chief Medical Officer of the Philadelphia 76er’s as well as the Co-Chief of Sports Medicine/Clinical Associate Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Follow him on Qinetic at @DrGlashow

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