Prevent Overeating at Work with These Strategies

We all have days when we’re crazy busy at work—when we can’t seem to grab a spare moment to catch up on email, much less eat. But stress can often lead toward eating things that you have no sense ingesting.
And then there are days when there are snacks everywhere, when days are more relaxed, and when temptation in the form of food seems ever-present. Those days present a real risk if you’re trying to eat healthier or limit your diet.

Whatever the reason, people at work are overeating a lot; in fact, about half of all workers do this weekly or more. And if you try to limit this behavior by not eating meals, it will show at work and in your mood.

So how then do you stop extra calories at work? You can start by what you do before you even get to work—eating breakfast. Want to learn more tips? Check out these ideas in this graphic.

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